13000 Schools of Sindh Closed Since Years


Province faces dearth of 37000 teachers – Provincial Education Minister Saeed Ghani  

SC Correspondent

Hyderabad: Sindh Education and Labor Minister Saeed Ghani has said that out of 49,000 public schools across the province, 13,000 are closed since years while there is overall shortfall of 37,000 teachers.

“In the past, some schools were built with wrong planning and that is the main reason behind closure of the schools,” he said while talking to newsmen after appearing before Sindh High Court Circuit Bench here in a case pertaining to lack of teachers in some schools in Tando Allahyar on Thursday.

Saeed Ghani said that the Sindh High Court Hyderabad had summoned him in this regard. “I briefed the court about the situation with facts and figures.”

Saeed Ghani said that the court has been told that the recruitment of teachers on merit has begun as well as steps are being taken to improve the school system. He said that in the past some teachers applied for recruitment but they could not be appointed. “We are also looking at them if they have complied with the policy.”

To a question, he said recent closure of educational institutions was part of measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. “An estimated 13000 visitors have returned to Pakistan, and most of them came to Sindh province.”

Saeed Ghani said there were two cases of corona virus in Sindh. A large number of pilgrims from Iran have come to Pakistan via Taftan,  Balochistan.

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