66 percent Thari girls deprived of education for dearth of schools in Tharparkar


(File Photo Courtesy: NGO Karwan)

As many as 183000 girls are out of schools; district has only 607 girls’ primary schools with 304 non-functional since years

Out of 62 high schools, only seven and 17 of 117 elementary schools are meant for girls; the entire district has just one girls’ degree college in Mithi

By GR Junejo

Mithi: The state of education in Tharparkar could be judged from the fact that around 183000 or 66 percent of school-age girls are out of school, as there are very small numbers of girls’ schools in a district, which is the largest one of Sindh province by land area with population of 1.65 million as per 2017 census.

The district has hardly 607 or 24 percent primary schools for girls out of a total of 3909 primary schools and unfortunately 304 girls’ schools or over fifty percent are non-functional since several years. The other school, which are functional to some extent, are faced with several issues like dearth of teachers and basic amenities, says the data compiled by Thar Education Alliance, a non-government organization.

Further, the entire district has 62 High Schools but only seven of them are for girls, with two of them without science labs. There is only one Girls’ High School in Nagarparkar with no science lab. Similarly, out of 117 elementary schools, only 17 are meant for girls while the entire district has one degree college for girls and that too at Mithi, the headquarter town.

The data shows that the female literacy rate in Tharparkar is 18 percent only.

The government of Sindh had been claiming having carried out massive development works in Tharparkar district, which has country’s largest coal reserves and other natural resources, but the education, especially the girls’ education, has been miserably neglected.

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