A Thari girl lands in USA under Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

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Aroona, hailing from village Kantio, Tehsil Chhachhro, is a final year student of People’s Medical College Nawabshah

By GR Junejo

Hyderabad: Tharparkar, the desert district of Sindh, where there is hardly 6.91 percent girls’ literacy ratio due to social and cultural taboos, where girls don’t get proper education, having only 24 percent girls in schools in Tehsil Chhachhro with only one girls’ high school, a girl crosses all milestones and reaches to United States of America.

That girl is Aroona Choudhary of village Kantio, Tehsil Chhachhro who has landed in USA under the Global Undergraduate Exchange Program Pakistan.

Aroona Choudhary is earning her exchange semester in Arizona Western College. Daughter of Dr. Prakash Choudhary of Maheshwari community is the final year student of People’s Medical College Nawabshah.

We live in a world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. If you learn from your own culture and others as well, you will excel even more in this international world we now live in. Make the most of the world around you by taking your education abroad. From here, the sky is the limit.

People do have different mindset and they do believe that Thar is just known for droughts, sand dunes, desert, unavailability of basic infrastructure and socio-economic problems, and also possessing the perceptions like parents disallow their daughters especially to go for higher education, and abroad and all! But we do have uncountable stories. And Aroona is one of them.

Before her departure for USA, she said that she will portray a colourful image of Thar, Sindh, and Pakistan through her exchange activities and country presentations.

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