Adivasi Tribes’ Long March for Rights - Mithi - Sindh Courier-1

Adivasi Tribes’ Long March for Rights

Human Rights

Adivasi Tribes’ Long March for Rights - Mithi - Sindh Courier-1Male and female members of Kolhi and other schedule caste communities marched by foot from Nagarparkar to Mithi

Marchers demand protecting natural beauty of Thar, land-ownership rights, ending illegal occupation of their graveyards and lands

By GR Junejo

Mithi: The male and female participants of Adivasi Tribes including Kolhi and other schedule caste communities’ long march from Nagarparkar to Mithi were warmly received here on their arrival on Thursday.

The long march was organized by Sindh Kolhi Ittehad for the rights of the Adivasi tribes, and for protecting the natural beauty of Tharparkar.

The Adivasi tribes’ people, who marched by foot from the memorial of Rooplo Kolhi to Mithi, were showered with rose petals on their arrival by Comrade kamlesh Kolhi, Bhooro Kolhi, Dhaloomal, Meena Kumari, SUP leader Umar Unnar and others.

Rinshal Kolhi, chairman, Sindh kolhi Ittehad, Gomandas Meghwar, Bharmi Bai, Bhagia Shri, Comrade Qaisar Kolhi and Hanju Bai, who led the long march, demanded ownership rights to the local people who are cultivating the lands declared as enemy land.

Adivasi Tribes’ Long March for Rights - Mithi - Sindh CourierWhile talking to the media persons, they said that a powerful mafia is involved in extracting resin from gugral trees by using cuts and chemicals, which has destroyed the natural beauty and caused desertification in Thar, as these trees dry up due to use of chemicals. “The government should take strict action against the mafia and impose ban on extracting resin,” they demanded.

The long march leaders further demanded that the ban should also be imposed on using the water of the dams for agriculture purpose. “The rainwater stored in reservoirs is helpful in maintaining the natural beauty of Thar.”

Their demands also included vacating the graveyards and lands of back and schedule caste communities illegally occupied by the influential persons; allotting lands to schedule caste communities for permanent residence; restoring schedule caste quota; restoring the ownership of land near Naukot Fort to Kolhi community, which was vacated through force by Mukhtiarkar of Mithi and withdrawing ban imposed on use of gravel by local people and also imposing the ban on leasing out the Karoonjhar Mountain areas for excavation of granite.




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