Ali Muhammad Khoso Memorial Cricket Tournament Played at Nagarparkar

By GR Junejo

One-day Ali Muhammad Khoso Memorial Cricket Tournament was organized at Dilbar Hussain Sports ground Nagarparkar on Sunday.

Six teams participated in the tournament that included Ghulam Rahim Eleven Nagarparkar, Kharoro Eleven, Late Ali Muhammad Eleven, Islamkot Eleven, City Eleven Nagarparkar and Baloch Eleven Islamkot.

The semi-final was played between Baloch Eleven and Ghulam Rahim Eleven, which was won by Baloch Eleven by 50 runs.

The final was contested by Baloch Eleven and Late Ali Muhammad Eleven, which was of six overs. The Baloch Eleven Islamkot won the toss but the Ali Muhammad Eleven was invited for batting, which gave a target of 63 runs. The Baloch Eleven achieved the target by seven wickets and clinched the trophy.

Javed Bajer got the ‘Man of the Match’ award while Sarfaraz Ahmed was declared as ‘Man of the Tournament’ and captain Izhar Baloch was awarded with Runner Trophy.

Cash prize and trophy were distributed by Zulfiqar Khoso, son of Ali Muhammad, journalist Faiz Khoso, Ramesh Karonjhari, Allah Rakhiyo Khoso, Fida Hussain Khoso and Abdul Ghafar Khoso.

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