Autobiography of Sindh’s first ever Cancer Specialist Lady published

Book Review
Book Review

By Aziz Kachailo

Biography of Dr. Sanjeeda Mughal titled ‘Dr. Sanjeeda Mughal Ji Aatam Kahani’, an intelligent lady doctor, who was the first one from Sindh to conduct research on cancer disease in England and got Ph.D. Degree, has been published recently. She belonged to a small village Boureri of Dadu District. Her biographical notes were found and compiled by noted writer Dr. Tanveer Junejo, who got it published.

The biographical notes of Dr. Sanjeeda Mughal are highly inspirational for young generation, especially for womenfolk of rural areas of Sindh, as she narrates her struggle for acquiring education in a conservative society, especially while living a village life.

In a unique pattern of writing a biography in shape of day-to-day incidents and events noted like a diary, Dr. Sanjeeda states how she, hailing from a middle class family of a small village, departed for higher education to London five decades back.

The most important notes of Dr. Sanjeeda’s biography are those related to miseries and hardships she suffered during her travel to Middle East   during the Gulf War when Iraqi forces occupied the Kuwait, where she lived and served, and then how she and her family escaped through Turkish border onward to UK, and all the way traveling in troubled areas amidst bombing by Iraqi forces loyal to Saddam Hossain. Dr. Mughal, who did her doctorate in Electronic Microscopy, had the honor to establish first microscopic unit in Kuwait.

Dr. Sanjeeda Mughal passed away in March 2006 in UK and was laid to rest at grave No; 61, Section H, Carpenters Park Lawn Cemetery, London. Her husband although died in Sindh but was laid to rest in same cemetery as per his will.

Dr. Sanjeeda’s profile should not only be the part of Encyclopedia Sindhiana of Sindhi Language Authority but also be translated into English and Urdu.

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