Beware of Pox disease in animals

By Dr. Loveson Lakhani

Pox is a dangerous disease and an infectious disease that occurs in humans and animals. This disease is called by different names, but by the name of each animal for example: – Cow Pox, Goat Pox, Camel Pox, Horse pox, Sheep Pox, and Chicken Pox in chickens.

Sheep Pox and Rabbit Pox both spread through the air while Horse Pox and Fowl Pox both spread through the skin. If the disease occurs to an animal or to a human being the whole life will be protected from the pox disease.

Buffalo Pox was discovered in the Indian state of Maharashtra in 1990.

There are four stages of the disease that are listed below:

1: Papular Stage: – At this stage red and small stains appear on the body and these stains appear in areas where the hairs are very short or not at all.

2: Vascular Stage: – In this stage the red stems are gradually filled with water and they become yellowish-shaped.

3: Pustular Stage: – At this stage more substances are found and water becomes darker.

4: Scab Stage: – At this stage the scars that are in the groin will fall off and become dry, leaving a dry link on them that will heal the wound and this is a sign of wound healing.

Symptoms: – There are many symptoms that help in identifying the disease. Some of the symptoms are mentioned here.

The Udder gets hot and tends to swell, a few days the reddish-brown stains appear on the udder and teats, the pigmentation is felt when the hands are dilated, the animal eats less but the regurgitation does fine. These stains may dry up after a few weeks.

It shows much influence on the sheep and hence proves more fatal. There is no season for this disease. The pox virus disease that causes blind to the animal if it gets in the eyes of the animal.

Treatment: –

In this disease, those animals have a fever so they should drink Fever Mixture.  In this disease, the wounds that have been inflicted on the bodies of animals should be heal as soon as, so they will be treated with Boric, Carbolic and Camfer. The milk that is extracted from the udder must first be heated. Wash the dishes with warm water.

Animals should be properly maintained, keeping the grass clean. We need to vaccinate animals so they can survive the disease and give us a good product.

(The writer is doing doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam, Sindh)

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