Brackish water causes disability among villagers of Tharparkar


More than 70 people – men and women of a village in Mithi Taluka have so far become disabled due to consumption of brackish water

By GR Junejo

Mithi: More than seventy persons, including men and women, of village Mao Akhiraj of Mithi Taluka have become physically disabled due to consumption of subsoil brackish water since years.

“The villagers fetch water from the wells, which has turned highly brackish since about two decades, with the result that the affected people cannot even move from the bed,” villagers Jetho, Veerso, Petho, Sohjo, Jado and others told during a visit to the village on Tuesday.

The village consists of about 400 households with inhabitants of different castes including Meghwar, Bajer, Takur and Manganhar.

The villagers told that Rasu, Virdho, Seeta, Sanhja, Senbho, Sodhi, Valehyan, Namaan, Jogo, Tejan, Raju and several others have become disabled. “The disability among the villagers begins in their twenties,” they told.

The villagers complained that none of the government official or elected representatives ever paid heed to their problem. “We had been requesting the district administration and the elected representatives for help, but all in vain.”

They were of the view that the subsoil water turned poisonous after the 2001 earthquake tremors.

The villagers appealed to the Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah for taking steps and saving their life. “Please resolve our water issue and save rest of the villagers who otherwise would too become disabled with passage of time by consuming brackish water,” they said.

Meanwhile, Ali Akbar Rahimoon, Executive Director of NGO ‘Aware’ said that the brackish water contains such poisonous chemicals that affects the bones and also the nervous system of a human, with the result that body organs stop functioning. “This problem is common across the Thar desert,” he said.


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