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Folk Tale ‘Dhol Maru’ in the poetry of Khalifo Nabi Bakhsh

Khalifo Nabi Bakhsh has composed a sur on the famous folk tale of Dhol Maru in Gujarati/Marwari language but the language used in it is under influence of Sindhi language. This is the love-story of childhood bond that withstood the test of time and overcame unimaginable obstacles. By Noor Ahmed Janjhi Khalifo Nabi Bakhsh Qasim […]

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Composite Heritage Workshop Mithi - Sindh Courier

Composite Heritage helps to establish unity and peace

It promotes culture, rituals, language and creates interfaith harmony Desert district Tharparkar is rich in heritage sites, and we should own it; workshop on Composite Heritage held By GR Junejo Mithi: A one-day training workshop on ‘Composite Heritage’ was held by SEARCH Organization at Search Training Hall Mithi on Saturday, and was attended by more […]

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Thari Writer Akbar Bajer - Two Books Launched - Mithi- Sindh Courier

Thari writer Akbar Bajer’s two books launched

The books include an autobiography and a poetry collection ‘Since the power has developed a class-based society, the people often do not believe that a person from non-elite class can be a good writer’ – Prof. Noor Ahmed Janjhi By GR Junejo Mithi: Two books authored by Muhammad Akbar Bajer, a local poet of Tharparkar, […]

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Mythology of Parkar: Story of Hothal fairy and Jam Odho

The story is a moving love story reflecting commitment with people and motherland. It also describes the different areas and people. Mr. Mangharam Ojha has attributed this story to Bhodesar pond and Karoonjhar Mountain. However, the story revolves around Parkar, Gujrat and Kachh, a cultural and commercial triangle of the subcontinent. By Noor Ahmed Janjhi […]

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