Coronavirus cases in Sindh jump to 103


The coronavirus cases include 76 of Sukkur and 27 of Karachi

Murad warns public to avoid hoteling, adopt volunteer isolation, else he will close facilities

CM says there would be no lockdown; orders crackdown on hoarders

Karachi: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the number of coronavirus cases in Sindh have reached to 103, including 76 of Sukkur/Taftan and 27 of Karachi.

“I am not worried about the 76 cases of Sukkur because the pilgrims are living in a proper isolation but the dangerous thing is cropping up in Karachi where more than eight cases of contacts have emerged.”

He disclosed this on Monday while addressing a press conference and interacting with parliamentarians of different political parties in Sindh assembly here at CM House.

Shah urged the people of the province to avoid social gathering and meeting with people. “You have to adopt volunteer isolation- this is the only solution to contain the virus,” he said.

Reacting to a report presented by the commissioner Karachi, he said that people were still thronging at restaurants, hotels, tea stalls. “It is not acceptable and I request the people to adopt self-isolation, otherwise I would have no option but to close restaurants, hotels, tea stalls and such other facilities,” he said.

Shah told the police and the administration to work out a plan to control crowds, otherwise give notice to restaurants and hotels to close their facility by 9 pm. “I’ll take final decisions very soon,” he said.

The chief minister said that 157 samples of Sukkur/Taftan were tested, of them 76 have been diagnosed as positive.

Giving details of the cases, the chief minister said that 9 cases have travel history of Syria, three have of Dubai, four Iran, eight local transmissions, one Qatar and two have history of Saudi Arabia.

He said that Saudi Arabia cases had 17 contacts and of them three were tested as positive. Apart from local cases, there were 13 severe pneumonia cases which have been sent for lab test.

The chief minister said that some 37 flights were scheduled yesterday, of them eight were cancelled and 5112 passengers arrived and were screened, of them 9 have been kept in quarantine as suspects. There samples have been taken and sent for test.

Shah urged the people of Karachi and Hyderabad, particularly the thickly populated cities, and towns of the province to keep themselves away from each other, keep washing hands a number of times. “This is purely an issue of precautions but I am sorry to say people are still holding gatherings, crowding in the shopping centers and holding social gathering,” he said and added “this is what I want you [people of Sindh] to avoid.”

To a question about lock down, the chief minister said in all the conditions, grocery shops, super stores, vegetable shops, chicken and mutton shops would not be closed. “I am surprised that under the rumor of lock down people have started stocking groceries,” he said and told the people that they had no need of stocking groceries. “Neither would we allow hoarding nor would close shops,” he said clearly.

Meanwhile, in a meeting of Taskforce, the chief minister was told that some of the doctors were reluctant to go into the Isolation Center but when a team of doctors, the chief minister dispatched to Sukkur met them and briefed them about the precautions they voluntarily started working.

The chief minister also sent the Ulemas from Karachi to meet the pilgrims living at Isolation Center who were agitating. The Ulemas briefed them and consoled them that they were not alone but the government, the administration and the religious leaders were all with them. The pilgrims have started cooperating with the administration.

The chief minister directed Commissioner Karachi and IG Police to start raids on the stores, shops and godowns who have hoarded sanitizers, hand wash, tissue papers and selling at highest price and put them behind the bars.

Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah through video link participated in the meeting of Prime Minister Imran Khan from CM House. The chief minister briefed the prime minister about the measures his government has taken to contain virus.

The chief minister also held a meeting with the parliamentarian of different political parties of Sindh Assembly and took them into confidence about the steps he has taken so far to contain virus.

Those who attended the meeting including four of MQM led by Khawaja Izhar, three of PTI led by Dr. Saeed Afridi, two of GDA led by Nand Kumar, Malik Shehzad, Raja Ashar, Mufti M. Qasim Fakhri of TLP, Abdul Rasheed of MMA. (PR)


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