Digital game PUBG leaves profound effects on human life

Digital game PUBG leaves profound effects on human life


Digital game PUBG leaves profound effects on human lifeWhy this game is getting popular day by day? It is the fundamental question that we all must answer in order to aware our young generation about the horrible effects of this game.

Masroor Ali

The digital game known as Player-Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) leaves inevitable and profound effects on human life either positive or negative. Its use and popularity is growing day by day among all types of age groups, and especially the young generation is addictive and compulsive towards it around the world. The recent statistics say that nearly 555 million people play this violent game all around the world.

The PUBG is a type of digital game that only puts forth the idea of revenge, killing, shooting, hiding, deceiving, murdering, blood shedding, carnage, violence, etc.

Why this game is getting popular day by day? It is the fundamental question that we all must answer in order to aware our young generation about the horrible effects of this game. We live in the age of digitalization where everything is now moveable and accessible on the fingertips of the people. Being a digital game, the PUBG can also be easily accessed without spending much cost.

Although PUBG has also got some interesting sections to be used like meeting the new people and befriending them around the globe, as the chatting takes place in real time etc. but the main idea behind this game is to teach people how to kill others and defend themselves systematically.

As psychology has justified that the more someone is engaged with something or doing something through technology then one day, he or she may desire to do it in real. Though, PUBG is just a game and everything happens fictionally in the game, but one day its player will desire to do it practically and such incidents have been observed throughout the world.

As the PUBG is most addictive shooting game played throughout the world, it faces lots of legal problems and government bans, like China has banned it in the country. Most people think about it negatively and that’s true but when this question is asked to the people who play it, we find some interesting answers like ‘when we play game for specific time period, we feel our minds are fresh, relaxed, tension-free as well as satisfied and can sleep soundly.’ Some players would say ‘PUBG enriches the power of paying attention towards challenging task to achieve or saving themselves in the battleground. This thing makes us smart, sensitive, brain interpretive and so on.’

It is totally a mind game which requires a full concentration. If player chips away from a game for friction then loosing will be his or her fate.

If we discuss positive aspects, the PUBG game’s voice chat option really advances player’s Speaking, Listening and the Communication skill or Conversation skill. The gamers interact with other peoples too all the while. It is argued that the PUBG game has really high level of positive effects especially for an organization’s employee. When organizational employee play this game, it would be very beneficial for him because he has to work with team so it promotes teamwork spirit, which is a key skill in an organization. Secondly, PUBG can also grow decision- making power, which has also vital role in any organization. One more thing PUBG game teaches us – helping others when they have need of something.

If we look at adverse effects of playing shooting video like PUBG, we find that it is very harmful because it is psychological trait of mind that if we are continuously doing with the same thing then we start thinking about it and continue keep going in deep of that thing and fall into the imagination and we really find world’s top level of joy and luxury in that, but it is a worst thing or experience that we do or see in life because on ground realities this is just a fictional game that aids only violence and damage processes of mind.

The PUBG is ferocious game that promotes killing, maiming, assaulting content. This is very bad for new generation because if they see this environment then they must adopt it and of course consequences will be quite violent.

Gaming addiction is such a big and concentration catching Phobia. In 2018 World Health Organization stated that addiction of game is a mental health disorder (gaming disorder). Just avoid being addicted because once you are addicted, it will not be easy for us to discard it. Surely, we will spend much more time from our whole day, and it will be just wastage of our precious time and there will be no time to achieve your other tasks. Being the concentration catching game, it causes sleep disruption because of spending more time on game late night.

Further, PUBG produces behavioral/cognitive problems, as the game content instigates a gamer to adopt it. With passage of time, persons will be feeling annoying, aggressive, stressed, depressed in their mood etc. Other health (Physiological & Mental) problems include eyestrain, weak eyesight, headache all the time, mental disorders, ache due to sitting at wrong place or by wrong postures, Weakening of bones, joints, muscles. Some people would face problems like gaining fats and others weakness.

Due to game addiction the player will move away from academic activities, which will destroy his career; gamers will be socially disconnected and will have no social experience as well, which is an important thing in life to get.

In the end, I would say that playing game is not a big deal, but becoming compulsive of doing it regularly will bear shocking results. So, the best solution would be to educate people at all levels about the negative effects of PUBG which kills our youth. In this regard, social awareness programs can be planned collectively by all the stakeholders including the government, NGOs, communities and individuals and do counseling of the youth so that our young generation understands PUBG and its terrible effects and use their time in some fruitful activities.


Masroor Ali is BBA student at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Shaheed Benazirabad.



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