District Administration Dadu Demolishes Govt. Girls’ Vocational School’s Wall


The demolished portion of wall between vocational school and girls’ degree college

Administration intends to shut main gate of vocational school to develop public park in front of DC Office; Wall between Vocational School and Girls’ Degree College was demolished at midnight without intimation to create entrance from inside the college

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu: The district administration Dadu wants to shut the main gate of Government Girls’ Vocational School (GGVS) to develop a public park at a land in front of Deputy Commissioner’s office in the city, and for that purpose demolished a portion of the wall between Vocational School and the Girls’ College to create entrance from the college premises.

This move has created unrest among the girls enrolled at the GGVS. Administrator of GGVS Mrs. Naseem Akhtar has alleged that the administration demolished the wall at the night on the orders of Deputy Commissioner Dadu Raja Shahzaman Khuhro, and that too without her prior permission, being the Administrator of the school.

“It is prime responsibility of district administration to protect the Vocational School, so as poor families’ children can get education and other skills from center but unfortunately DC has allegedly closed the gate Govt. Vocational School for Girls to develop new Public Park in front of DC office,” she said on Thursday.

Mrs. Naseem Akhtar told media persons that more than 100 girls are getting training of beautician and machine embroidery at the school. She alleged that at midnight the wall between school and Girls Degree College was demolished by laborers on DC’s direction, which has created uncertainty among both girls’ college and vocational school administration.

“It has created security risk for girls’ students and their parents,” she said and feared the parents would not allow their girls to come to the vocational school.

“Deputy Commissioner wanted to force us. He had summoned me and Principal of college and urged to follow his direction,” she alleged.

“DC wanted a gate built from inside the girls’ degree college but we told him that it wouldn’t be safe for girls,” she added.

Mrs. Naseem told that although she had complained to MNA Rafique Ahmed Jamali and MPA Pir Mujeeb ul Haque but no one is ready to redress the issue, which has caused uncertainty among students, and if administration didn’t pay heed, the vocational school may be closed.

While contacted, Government Girls’ Degree College Principal Arshad Bukhari said that wall of college was demolished on the orders of DC Dadu to give path to vocational school’s girls’ students but it would create more difficulties for college. She demanded DC Dadu to give alternate gate to vocational students so that matter could be resolved.

This scribe tried to contact with DC Dadu for his viewpoint but he was not available.

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