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Domestic Violence: Awareness Session for School Girls

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Domestic Violence - Awareness Session for School Girls - Sindh CourierNGO Dur-Andesh organized the session at Shah Abdul Latif High School Hirabad in connection with ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’

By GR Junejo

Hyderabad:  A team of young social leaders conducted an Awareness Session for the girls’ students of Government Shah Abdul Latif High School Hirabad Hyderabad on Thursday.

The awareness session was held in connection with October, being the ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Month’ observed every year. A non-government organization Dur-Andesh organized the session under a project ‘Step Up Against Domestic Violence (SUADV).

Domestic Violence - Awareness Session for School Girls- Sindh Courier-0Domestic Violence - Awareness Session for School Girls- Sindh Courier-000The team engaged students and teachers in different activities, to create understanding about the existence of Domestic Violence, which is an unlawful and inhuman act, and if experiencing such a situation, how they can make them safe, through reaching out the helplines, counsellors and legal help.

Project SUADV is an Initiative of Dur-Andesh team of 8 young leaders from seven different diverse regions of Pakistan, including KPK, Islamabad, Quetta, Pattoki, Multan, Hyderabad and Karachi.

One of those young leaders Dua Nizamani, initiated the awareness session with Purple Ribbon Campaign, followed by self-defense training.

The organizer said Domestic Violence so firmly rooted in our society, and according to JPMA (Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association) 70-90% of Pakistani women are subjected to Domestic Violence, yet it’s most the ignored issue. “It’s a taboo if one speaks about violence with in families or complains about his/her intimate partner, or brother, even if one is choked to death.”

Domestic Violence - Awareness Session for School Girls- SindhCourier-00The informative session focused on 4 points: 1. What is Domestic Violence? 2. How to identify it? 3. What are the types of Domestic Violence? 4. How to keep yourself safe from it? It’s so crucial to understand such violence because in most cases, the abuser normalizes the abuse, at such an extent that the victim itself becomes incapable of considering it as an act of violence, and this is one of the major reasons for its rapid growth.

The session was followed by purple ribbon campaign, the students were distributed purple ribbons and were made aware of the sign of domestic violence awareness month making them part of this global movement to speak and share this message to others among their surroundings.

After the energizing session of chanting slogans “Step Up Against Domestic Violence”, “Gharelu Tashudud Na Manzoor!”, they headed towards the final self-defense training. The trainer Aniqa Baloch taught them basic self-defense techniques that’ll help them in most common violence situations. The students were eager to learn such techniques and practiced it among themselves in pairs. The trainer said “according to a survey 90% of Pakistani women do not participate in sports and have never worked on their physical strength, which also lessen their self-esteem. “If the girls would be confident, nobody would dare to do anything,” trainer told.

She urged that the girls should be introduced to some sort of sports to maintain their strength which automatically will boost their confidence.

The session ended with their palms raised at front with hashtag “Step Up Against Domestic Violence”.

Domestic Violence is still a crucial problem and we must create awareness to stop it from lowest. Pakistan’s Domestic Violence Prevention and Protection Act is there and Sindh and Balochistan have also similar laws while the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Domestic Violence against Women (Prevention and Protection) Bill, 2019 could not be passed due to opposition from religious groups. Protection against Violence Act was passed in 2013 by Sindh and Balochistan, and by Punjab in 2016 but yet the implementation is still mundane. Because of its conventional roots Pakistan’s society still thrives to have such violence and it must be stopped from the very beginning, from one’s home.


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