Education institutions can be shut for 5 years if situation remains unchanged – Saeed Ghani


In that case, alternate education system will be introduced; Steering Committee decides to promote class I to VIII students without exams   

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Education and Labor Saeed Ghani has said that examinations for children from class I to VIII will not be held in Sindh province and they will be promoted to the next classes.

As regards the examinations of Class IX to XII, the steering committee of Sindh Education Department has constituted a committee of chairmen of all boards including Aga Khan Board and Secretary Education, Colleges and Boards and Universities, which will prepare its report in next 24 hours.

‘The Committee’s report will be submitted to the National Coordination Committee and the decision so made by it will be implemented,” Saeed Ghani said addressing a press conference after the meeting of Steering Committee on Tuesday.

The provincial education minister categorically stated: “If the situation remains unchanged, we will close educational institutions for 5 years, and alternative education system will be introduced, but will not compromise on students’ health.”

“The PTI and the Corona virus have a close relationship, which needs to be ascertained,” he remarked adding that the Federal Minister of Finance is coming to Karachi not to fight the Corona virus but for some other purpose.

Secretary School Education Syed Khalid Haider Shah, Secretary Colleges Sindh Baqir Naqvi and others were also present on the occasion.

Earlier, the steering committee discussed in detail the academic year in Sindh province, the end of holidays, examinations for classes I to VIII and IX to XII.  The officials of private schools’ associations also attended the meeting.

Minister Saeed Ghani said that the Federal Minister for Education had said in the NCC meeting two days ago that the ninth to twelfth class examinations would not be held and all students will be promoted to the next level. He said that no consultation was held with Sindh in this regard and therefore ‘we made it clear to him that Sindh Education Department would work out a plan of action in this regard after consultation with its steering committee.’

He said that last night the Federal Minister of Education himself admitted that there were certain complications in his decision and he will consult on it again in two days.

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