Forced Conversion of Minor Hindu Girls Has Become A Business – Sindh Minister

Human Rights

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Minorities Affairs Hari Ram Kishori Lal has telephoned the Mukhi of Hindu Panchayat Jacobabad and assured his full support to the family of 15 year Mehak Kumari who allegedly converted forcibly.

“Sindh government fully endorses the stance of family and Jacobabad Hindu Panchayat in the case of Mehek Kumari,” he said according to an official handout of Sindh Information department on Wednesday.

He said that forced conversion of minor Hindu girls has become business now-a-days.

“Hindus are the oldest dwellers of Sindh and their life and death is linked to the soil of Sindh,” he said and appealed to authorities of the state of Pakistan to take notice of such brutality and injustice being committed to the minor girls of Hindu community and take measure for ensuring  proper security to the minorities.

Minister said that Mehek Kumari was a minor girl and she could not marry before age of 18 years, as Child Marriage Restrained Bill puts restriction on early marriages, and it is a crime under the law.

He appreciated court’s decision for sending Mehek Kumari to Dar-ul-Aman and added that all minor girls in such cases must be sent to Darul Aman instead of handing over to person who was involved in their abduction. He said that they have full confidence in courts and hoped that court will dispense justice in Mehek Kumari case. (Handout)















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