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Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered


Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered - Sindh CourierRajput warrior Udesingh valiantly fought with British colonial forces in Nagarparkar area for liberation of Sindh motherland

Speakers at a memorial ceremony call for research and rewriting the history of freedom wars and the warriors neglected so far by the historians   

By GR Junejo

Mithi: Udhesingh Sodho, a young freedom fighter, who valiantly fought against the British imperialist forces in Nagarparkar area for liberation of motherland Sindh, was remembered at a program on Saturday evening.

The program was organized by Udhesing Sodho Memorial Committee at Amar Dileep Singh Sodho Hall of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Cultural Complex in Mithi to pay homage to the freedom fighter. Eminent writer and researcher Professor Noor Ahmed Janjhi presided over the ceremony while Mama Juman Darbadar, Khadim Talpur, Bharumal Aamrani and Raisingh Sodho were the guests of honor.

Addressing the ceremony, Prof. Noor Ahmed Janjhi said that Udhesingh Sodho was a young and brave freedom fighter who clashed with British colonial forces in Nagarparkar and the role he played was equally important like that of Rano Karan, Kulji, Rooplo Kolhi and other freedom fighters, who sacrificed their lives for motherland.

“It were the Sodha Rajputs who had waged the war and untiringly fought for a considerable time giving tough time to the British colonial forces,” he said underlining the need of highlighting the historic role of Rajput Sodha freedom fighters.

Sharing his views on heroic struggle of Udhesingh Sodho, Mama Juman Darbadar said that Udhesingh had maintained the traditions of his Rajput clan and fought bravely against the British forces, but unfortunately the historians have neglected his role so far. “Nagarparkar is the area where each of the pebble could be found stained with the blood of the martyrs that tell us the stories how our brave freedom fighters sacrificed their youthful lives for liberation of motherland,” he said.

Eminent writer Khalid Kunbhar in his speech underlined the need of research and re-writing the history of Nagarparkar. “Udhesingh Sodho is not an unknown character of war of freedom, but unfortunately, he has not been given due place in the history books, and therefore it is imperative to rewrite the history of Nagarparkar and the Rajput freedom fighters so that not only these heroic characters get place in the history but the young generation could be aware of their heroes.”

Freedom Fighter Udesingh Sodho Remembered -0Writer Khadim Talpur while paying home to Udhesingh Sodho, said his stature was as high as the Karoonjhar Mountain, as he gave a very tough time to the British officer of the area.

Social activist, writer and researcher Bharumal Aamrani narrated the story of Udhesingh’s attack on the camp of British Collector Tarot and made him to flee leaving his tent.

Eminent writers Mashkoor Phulkaro, Haji Kunbhar, Ali Akbar Rahimoo and others also called for rewriting the history of Nagarparkar and the war of freedom fought by the Rajput warriors. “The history of entire Sindh has been distorted and needs to be rewritten, but great injustice has been done to the Rajput warriors of Nagarparkar who shed their blood for motherland, therefore it is direly needed to undertake research and write the history afresh, as the history authored so far is incomplete.”

Amar Raisingh Rajput, Jugatdhan Charan, Soomar Dal, Shahab Nohrio, Ranjeet Singh, Khuman Singh Sodho, Parnvi Sodho, Meer Buledi and others also addressed the ceremony. Young poet Nashad Samo and Imam Janjhi recited the poetry while singer Zulfiqar Lund sung the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.





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