Fresh survey of old villages along Malir Expressway planned to save them


Karachi: Provincial minister for Human Settlements and Special Development Ghulam Murtaza Baloch has said that the old villages of Karachi are of historic importance and a field survey of such villages falling in the way of Malir Expressway project will be conducted to save them.

He said this while talking to various delegations during his visit to Samo Goth, Union Council Thana in his constituency on Friday. Residents of Samo Goth expressed concern for being affected by the Malir Expressway however minister assured the delegations that field survey would be conducted soon to save these ancient settlements.

Minister met with the notables and other village people who apprised him about the problems of the villages of the area.

Ghulam Murtaza Baloch instructed the officers concerned to solve the problems of electricity, gas, graveyard land and school boundary walls of UC Thana.

UC Chairman Bashir Baloch and Wadero Habib Baloch presented him a gift of traditional cap and Ajrak.

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