Gases produced by fodder cause diseases in cattle


By Dr. Loveson Lakhani

Tympanitis is disease known as bloat, which occurs in animals and is most often caused by gas produced inside the rumen by microbes. In this disease, the rumen on the left side of the animal becomes inflamed and sometimes the both sides- left and right are inflamed. This is possible that other parts of the stomach are filled with gas. This disease can be of two types- primary, also called Frothy Bloat while another is called secondary or Free Gas Bloat.

When an animal eats green or any food which goes into the animal’s rumen where the microbes are present, these microbes ferment the food which is present in rumen and in result the gases produce in the rumen. These gases should expel out from the rumen but when they are caught in the rumen and not easily pass out then this disease occurs.

This disease is most often caused by eating raw grass that is in the initial process, poisonous hay, several days of stained grass, excessive use of salt and many other serial-grains etc. There are many other factors which can produce this disease in animals.


A sudden onset of anxiety, restlessness, palpitations of heart increase, lower limbs hit on belly, difficulty in breathing, if the animal sits on floor wake up quickly, stomach ache, grinding of teeth, tongue comes out, deep-breathing etc.  Accumulation of more gases can kill the animal because it interrupts the breathing.


Before treating this disease, we must know the cause of the disease. This disease can be caused by needles, strings, iron buds, wires or any other object in the rumen. When gas is in the rumen it is important to take it out from the body. We can simply exclude the gases contained inside the rumen by TROCAR CANULA by injecting it into the animal or insert a STOMACH TUBE to remove the undigested food from the rumen because this can also create a problem. We must give ANTI FOMING AGENT 10 – 250 ml dilute with the hot water and in large animals 400 – 500 ml of TARPIN OIL. We should also give Sodium bicarbonate.

(Writer is doing doctorate in Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences at Sindh Agricultural University Tondojam)

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