Hoarders shift consumer goods stocks from Naukot to remote villages for fear of raids


(File Photo)

Several tractor trolleys, other vehicles loaded with sugar bags and other kitchen items were seen moving to villages at night

By Asad Junejo

Naukot: Following the reports of conducting raids and sealing the storehouses of hoarders and profiteers in different towns of Sindh, the hoarders in Naukot have started shifting the stocks of rice, sugar, flour and other food items to remote villages.

Several tractor trolleys and other vehicles loaded with bags of hoarded food items could be seen transporting goods at night to different villages where they off load it at the ‘Otaqs’ of influential persons located at the agriculture farms.

Meanwhile, sources in local business circles confided that there are at least ten traders who have hoarded thousands of sugar bags at their secret warehouses here.

Owing to hoarding, the prices of kitchen items have shot up and the people are compelled to buy these commodities at exorbitant rates.

During the market survey, it was learnt that a 50kg sugar bag is being sold for Rs.3650/- while the retail price of one kilogram sugar is Rs.80/-.

The citizens are surprised over the criminal silence of local administration on such a situation. The people have urged the assistant Commissioner of Jhudo to take action against hoarders and profiteers, and provide relief to the consumers or otherwise they will take to streets against profiteers.

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