Influential Zamindars trying to cut LBOD banks for saving their lands


The Zamindars already have cut Naukot-Pingrio link road at five places to divert floodwater; Residents of 15 villages guarding LBOD banks to foil Zamindars’ designs; the cuts will submerge more than a dozen villages; heavy rains have already rendered thousands of villagers homeless in kaloi Taluka   

By GR Junejo

Mithi: The recent spell of torrential rains have rendered thousands of people homeless in Kaloi Taluka of Tharparkar district, as their villages were flooded by the rainwater while the residents of at least fifteen more villages fear inundation due to artificial cuts in Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) attempted by landholders for saving their crops in irrigated area of the bordering district Badin.

The villagers of fifteen villages told newsmen during a visit to the area that they had been guarding the LBOD round the clock as the Zamindars are trying to cut the bank of LBOD at RD212 on Kaloi side to save their lands. “The saline water drain is flowing with double of its capacity and the Zamindars apprehend breaches anytime and in order to avert breaches and inundation of lands, they want to make cuts on other side that would submerge fifteen villages,” the villagers told while staging protest demonstration.

The villages facing possibility of inundation due to artificial cut include Jumo Lund, Shahmeer Lund, Muhammad Rahim Khand, Mewo Lund, Rawat Lund, Jan Ahmedani, Dawood Ahmedani, Ghulam Muhammad Rahimoon, Ahmed Khan Lund, Dhani Bux, Abdul Haq Bhurgri, Noor Muhammad Kaloi and others.

Muhammad Rahim Lund, Noor Muhammad Kaloi, Shahid Bhurgri and other villagers said that MNAs, MPAs and other influential Zamindars of Mirpur Khas division are trying to save their lands by making cuts in LBOD while they already have cut Naokot-Pingrio link road at four to five places to divert the floodwater.

Recalling the flash floods of 2011, the villagers said the Zamindars had artificial cuts in LBOD and submerged the villages.




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