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Revolutionary inventions happening in the field of technology

This App can be used for content creation, language translation and in a variety of settings, including customer service, online…

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An ancient language has defied translation for 100 years. Can AI crack the code?

For some groups in South Asia, the quest to decode the Indus script is almost existential. By ALIZEH KOHARI Jiaming…

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Innovation and the Capitalism

As the pursuit of innovation has inspired technologists and capitalists, it has also provoked critics who suspect that the peddlers…

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Samsung Electronics appoints first woman president

Lee Young-hee joined the tech giant in 2007 and was promoted to vice president in 2012. SEOUL The Korean woman…

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SAU, Chinese University sign MoU for research, exchange of students and faculty

SAU VC and Director of Chinese University of Posts and Communication signed the MoU online. Tando Jam Sindh Agriculture University…

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How language-generation AIs could transform science

Shobita Parthasarathy warns that software designed to summarize, translate and write like humans might exacerbate distrust in science. Richard Van…

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Radio is a strongest means of communication

Radio is the only source of information in Ukraine after Russia destroyed its television system – Speakers at a workshop…

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IT Students of SAU invent Covid-19-Testing Robot

Robotic model automatically checks the temperature of any person entering the building and opens the entrance door.   For the…

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Designing Artificial Intelligence with Core Values

Whenever AI systems take over a new social role, new risks for corrupting human behavior will emerge. By Nazarul Islam…

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Sindh govt. develops online Knowledge Repository

The user-friendly Knowledge Repository comprises of about 20,500 documents Karachi: The Planning & Development Department of Sindh government has established…

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