Itch of Ignorance

Itch of Ignorance

Poetry Corner

Itch of Ignorance

Poetry Corner

By Noor Ahmed Janjhi

Itch of Ignorance

Bestowed with the dowry of knowledge

Equipped with the skills of survival

Man has left for pilgrimage

And made his past as archival

Opted for forbidden tree

And lost the bestowed virginity

Left the natural knowledge lea

And put his net in the triviality

Tasted the soar and the sweet

Raw diet and baked food

Faced the cold and the heat

Left the sustainability for good

Became vulnerable and weak

Left his strenuous built all

Developed many a leak

Countless rises and the fall

All are fruit of choice

Stock of ruin and rejoice

Must be owned all

The downs and the fall


Prof. Noor Ahmed JanjhiNoor Ahmed Janjhi is a senior educationist based in Tharparkar, the Desert District of Sindh. He is author of several books on folk literature including two poetry books.

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