JI leader speaks of Gandhi’s lessons of peace and humanity during anti-India rally


JI Sindh Chief Muhammad Hussain Mahnati leads a rally in Thar town to condemn brutality against Indian Muslims

By GR Junejo


Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan’s Tharparkar District Chapter organized a rally in Mithi, the district headquarter town, on Sunday to condemn the brutality of police and BJP extremists against the Muslims and attacks on the mosques in India.

The rally, led by Muhammad Hussain Mahnati, Ameer of JI Sindh and former MNA, Mir Muhammad Buledi, Mujahid Channa, Kamlesh Kumar, Rahmatullah Charo of Jamiat Talaba Thar and others, was participated by a number of activists of JI and its students’ wing, traders and citizens including Abdul Basit Charo, Aman Gomani, Khatau Nenwani, Ayoob Charo  and Majid Kunbhar.

They marched on different roads of town and staged sit-in at Kashmir Chowk.

Addressing the protesters, Mahnati condemned the Modi government of India and alleged that Modi had been anti-Muslim from the day one and it’s his government that is patronizing the brutal acts and violence against Muslims in India.

“Today India stands exposed, as BJP activists are killing the Muslims,” JI leader said urging the world organizations to intervene and stop the violence against Muslims in India.

JI Sindh Chief said that Indian rulers have given up the peace and humanity, which Gandhi advocated, and they now have turned to terrorism.

He said, in Pakistan, the Muslims have respect for Hindu brothers and they had been protecting them and their temples, and that’s why the Hindu community too has joined the protest. “We will continue to protect the Hindus in Pakistan.”



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