Rally in Karachi to condemn genocide of Hazara community - Sindh Courier-1

Karachi Rally Condemns Genocide of Hazara Community


Rally in Karachi to condemn genocide of Hazara community - Sindh Courier-1Stop genocide of Hazara Community and provide them protection   

Karachi: A rally was organized in Karachi on Friday to condemn the genocide of the Hazara community of Balochistan, which has been continuing as the State has failed to give them protection.

The demo to protest the killing of innocent mine workers belonging to the Hazara community at Machh, Balochistan was jointly organized by Home Based Women Worker Federation (HBWWF) and National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) at the Fuwara Chowrangi near Karachi Press Club (KPC). It was led by HBWWF general secretary Zahra Khan and NTUF central president Muhammad Rafiq Khan.

A large number of workers participated in the demo. Carrying flags and banners they raised slogans and demanded early arrest of the killers.

Speaking on the occasion, the protest leaders said that the brutal murder of innocent mine laborers despite presence of security officials is worrisome. They said the Hazara community is facing genocide like situation and the government has failed to give them protection. They said for last 10 days the heirs of the martyred laborers have been protesting on road, but the government institutions have failed to meet their just demands.

They said that Balochistan is the region of Pakistan, where the issues of making people disappear and later dumping their dead bodies at isolated places have been continuing for several decades. They said that the wrong policies of the state have made this area a graveyard of innocent people. They said these atrocities could only be stopped with a joint struggle of the suppressed people and workers. They said brutal killing of 10 mine workers in Mach would continue to haunt the ruling forces for a long time to come.

The speakers said that it is matter of a grave concern that the people belonging to a certain community in Balochistan have been facing genocide and the government has completely failed to give them protection. They said this is not the first incident of its kind in Balochistan, but the state-sponsored suppression of people here has been continuing for long.

They said that workers belonging to mining sector have already been facing a lot of problems. Industrial mishaps in mines have become a routine and the government has not taken any steps to check them. The workers of mining sector are risking their lives and limbs for earning two-time bread for their families.

The speakers said it is the responsibility of the state and its institutions to provide security of life and property to citizens. They said check posts are erected everywhere in Balochistan but still terrorists are carrying out their activities freely. The killers of innocent people are not being arrested despite spending of a huge budget on law and order. They said the sitting government instead of taking action against the culprits is shifting blame to previous governments, which shows the height of its nonseriousness and apathy. They said the heirs of the deceased workers have raised only one demand that Prime Minister Imran Khan should visit them and tender apology for not giving them protection.

Rally in Karachi to condemn genocide of Hazara community - Sindh Courier-2They said that labor movement in Pakistan strongly demands that the Hazara community should be provided foolproof protection in Balochistan. Their demands should be met and their genocide should be stopped. The working conditions of the mine workers should be improved. It is high time that the government should change its narrative and take stern action against terrorists. The killers of the Machh tragedy should be arrested immediately. All private militias should be banned. The heirs of the slain workers should be paid compensation. The heads of federal and provincial security agencies should be sacked for their failure to provide protection to the Hazara community.

Gul Rahan (NTUF), Saira Feroz (HBWWF), Habibuddin Juaaidi (Peoples Labour) Zahida Parveen (United HBW union), Riaz Abbasi (NTUF), Qazi Khizer (HRCP), Saeed Baloch (PFF), Saeeda Khatoon (Baldia Factory Fire Association), Dr. Riaz Sheikh (ZEBIST), Comrade Jannat (PTUDC), Seema Mehaswari (human Rights Activist) and others participated in the rally.


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