Kavita Bodani believes in infinity of Sindhiyat and Sindhi language


Multitalented beautiful artist urges young generation to speak Sindhi, as it’s the only way the next generation can learn their own language

Sindh Courier Report 

Ahmedabad-based Singer, Actor and Anchor Kavita Bodani believes in infinity of Sindhiyat and the Sindhi language and urges the young generation of Sindhis to read, write and speak in their mother tongue.

The artist, who despite being young, carries rich national as well as international stage performance experience, admits she cannot read and write Sindhi script, but assures she will overcome this shortcoming. “I speak Sindhi but have to write Sindhi in Roman alphabet.”

While sharing her views with Mrs. Heena Heer Agnani in her YouTube Sindhi Talkshow ‘Guftagu’, launched recently to promote Sindhi language, Kavita said: “The next generation will learn Sindhi language from young generation of today therefore we must speak Sindhi. It’s the last resort for us to protect and promote our mother tongue.”

Kavita Bodani, who used to work with several young Sindhi artists – singers as well as actors and live show performers of her age, says: “I love to work with them. It’s pleasing that these artists are promoting our mother tongue and have earned fame. They are acclaimed by the audience and will certainly attract the next generation towards Sindhi language.”

 To a question about her educational qualifications, Kavita said she did bachelors in IT but realized that it was not her field. “Then I switched over to electronic media and earned Master’s degree from National Institute of Mass Communication and Journalism, University of Gujarat.”

About her career as singer, Kavita says she learnt singing from her mother. “My mother was fond of singing, although she never got training in this field. So did I, but I used to attend religious programs and started singing religious songs and realized that I can go ahead in this field.”

“I use to sing in Hindi as well as in Sindhi, but love to sing in my mother tongue,” she cheerfully told. She can speak five languages fluently – Sindhi, Hindi, Gujarati, English and Spanish.

Besides performing internationally, she has been promoting many famous brands through her talent. She also had performed in Barcelona, Spain. Many of her professionally recorded cover videos have already been released. She does live music shows and events, conducts festivals and also the playback singing.

When asked what does she like more – singing or acting? Kavita said: “None of them. In fact I like classical dance but didn’t get any opportunity to learn. After that I prefer acting as it provides opportunity of dancing as well as singing.”

About her playback singing, Kavita told that besides acting, she also sung some songs for Sindhi movies like ‘Wardan’, ‘Maasoom’ and ‘Nazuk Rishto’.  Kavita recalled that she also worked in a Sindhi movie with Heena Agnani.

Kavita, who also works as Television Host for Sindhi TV Gandhidam, sung Sindhi song on Heena’s request. The song was ‘Perain Pawandi Sa’an, Chawandi Sa’an, Rahi Wanju Raat Bhanbhor Main.’

Kavita Bodani became emotional when Heena asked her to sing a song dedicating it to the ongoing ‘lockdown’. As they all are restricted to their homes and cannot move anywhere, she sung Hindhi song ‘Panchhi Pawan Ke Jhonkey, Koi Sarhad Na Roke’. And elaborating its theme, Kavita concluded, “The birds are free to fly across the borders, but we humans are at homes like inmates.”





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