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Lay down the guns – Poetry from India

A poem by Apu Mondal, an eminent poet from South India

Before the earth, lay down the guns, lower your glare, bury the blind hatred, and the prejudice!             

Apu Mondal

Apu Mondal is from Kolkata now settled in South India. He is an English teacher by profession. Passionately dedicated to poetry he has written over 700 poems in English. He holds an honorary D. Lit in Poetry. Some of his poems are published in national and international anthologies. His poems deal with human concerns and nature as part of life.


Lay down the guns

Before the earth,

Lay down the guns

Lower your glare,

Bury the blind hatred

And the prejudice!         


At once the smoke

Be made kind and visible,

And those who are

Considered enemy,

Are our mirror beings!


Bow down before the

Dead resting peacefully,

And vow to live to be

Their voice, their way,

Shoo away blood spill thoughts.


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