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Life-Begins-at-the-end-of-your-comfort-zoneNeale Donald Walsch has rightly said that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. This is very true as you need to come out from the comfort zone otherwise you will be like a stagnant water.

By Zahid Jalbani

Neale Donald Walsch, an American author of the series of books ‘Conversations with God’, and also an actor, screenwriter, and speaker, says: “Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”. His words truly apply especially in our professional life either we are scared to take risks for moving forward or it is the comfort zone which is stopping from it.

Almost a decade back when I started working for one of the largest local NGOs where at the day of my joining and so on I kept asking the colleagues since how long they have been working there, and in response majority of them said that it was more than 10 to 15 years while the minimum was 5 years. Then my follow up question was what is the motivation behind having such a long association with that esteemed organization and the simple answer was “comfort zone”. So I reached the conclusion that it was the only comfort zone that kept stopping the people not to leave the organization and move forward in their professional career. I worked for the same organization only for 3-years but the entire stay was full of learning and exposure and then after realization that it is the time to move forward, I took step forward and joined another organization.

Neale Donald Walsch has rightly said that “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. This is very true as you need to come out from the comfort zone otherwise you will be like a stagnant water.

In total there are four zones where we usually live in, such as 1) Comfort Zone where you can feel safe and in control, 2) Fear Zone which make you to be attached with others opinion, always finding excuses, which increases lack of self-confidence, 3) Learning Zone which helps you acquiring new skills, extending your comfort zone, and dealing with challenges and problems, and 4) Growth Zone under which you will be able to set new goals, conquer objectives, find purpose and live your dreams.

Usually the professionals, those have worked for an organization for decades, would always face difficulties in moving out of their comfort zone because it makes them feel a little exposed and that’s crucial part of the process. They’re going to feel afraid. But moving forward – even while knowing that failure is a possibility, helps them set new and higher bars for their goals and move into their zone of courage at the same time.

This is true that “Comfort zone is a dangerous place” because it prevents you from improving; it stops you from achieving and all the things you are capable of achieving and it makes you miserable. So, make a decision today to change something in your life that you are unhappy with and start experiencing positive changes.

It has also been witnessed that the people who remained in the comfort zone for longer periods will face many challenges in coming out from their comfort zone but there are many ways to breakout the comfort zone, which could be helpful if they are practiced with true spirit. The foremost step is to do everyday things differently and take a different route to work and doing things. In making decisions do not be in hurry; always take your time making decisions which will help you in right decisions. The third and the important one step is Trust yourself and make snap decisions and the last but not the least step for breaking out your comfort zone is to do it in small steps.

Yes, we know everything is possible but it depends how we can start with; coming out of the comfort zone will take you to the next level of your professional career.


Zahid JalbaniZahid Jalbani is a freelance writer. He can be accessed at [email protected]


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