Liberate Enslaved Nations - Disband Armies For Global Peace - Yussouf Shaheen

Liberate Enslaved Nations, Disband Armies


Liberate Enslaved Nations - Disband Armies For Global Peace - Yussouf ShaheenNoted historian of Sindh Mr. Yussouf Shaheen suggests ways for ensuring Global Peace.   

[Mr. Yussouf Shaheen, writer, intellectual, poet, historian and a former senator, hailing from Nasarpur town of Sindh, was born on April 3, 1939. A renowned name in Sindhi literature, history and journalism, is also a research scholar. His area of research encompasses history, religions, mythologies and languages of the world. He is author of around two dozen books. He was among the first few journalists and writers of Pakistan who were arrested on July 19, 1977 just two weeks after the military takeover in Pakistan on July 5, 1977. He was tried for his writing against stoning to death for adultery and amputation of the hand and foot for robbery. He wrote the first book in the series under the title of “Muslimcracy” in Urdu in 1957 when he was only 18 years old. His next book, “Khuda, Insan Aur Janvar” was written in Sindhi. In 1970, he wrote “An’al Haq” in Urdu. Later came his other book “Haq Maujud” (Truth Untold) both in Sindhi and Urdu. In 1986, he wrote “World Confederation of the Peoples” to be followed by “The World of Conquerors”, Greek Mythology (in Sindhi), “William the Bastard and His Descendants”, Rise and Fall of gods – In Historical Perspective, Rise and Fall of Sanskrit and “Fall of Native Languages of the Americas.”]

Octogenarian author and historian Yussouf Shaheen, a staunch believer of weapon-free and non-violent society, asserts that erasing the artificial borders, liberating the enslaved nations, disbanding armies, dismantling the arsenals of nuclear and other weapons and establishing the world confederation is the only way to ensure global peace.

“The global powers should follow the ancient Indus people who had established first ever ‘Weapon Free Civilization’ disbanding the manufacture and use of weapons, refused raising the armies and rejected the kingship thousands of years back,” he said in an exclusive interview to Sindh Courier.

“The ancient Indus people gave birth to a society based on the golden principles of peace, prosperity, equality and brotherhood. This ideology prevailed over a large part of the globe including the present-day Pakistan, parts of Iran, Afghanistan, half of the territories of India, down to the Turkmenistan in Central Asia for two millenniums,” he stated quoting the findings of leading archaeologists.

“Based on their findings, the archaeologists have opined that the ancient Indus people halted wars, destruction and massacres for over 2000 years,” he added.

Shaheen, author of over two dozen books, while tracing the brutal course of history that followed the non-violent era of Indus civilization, said, “The tribal world, believing in weapons for their own safety and borders, settled the world issues with force and changed the social and moral structure of the entire world. The world witnessed rapid rise of conquerors; they repeatedly invaded and enslaved the nations one by one with the force of armed warriors; they created new empires, kingdoms and artificial borders killing millions of people in each century of human history.”

“Throughout the history, the powerful conquerors brought with them new gods and goddesses, new faiths, new languages and cultures of their own. The defeated nations were forced to convert to the religions and faiths, and adopt the languages of conquerors, with the result that thousands of languages vanished,” he said.

Shaheen quoted innumerable bloody incidents including the wars and other armed conflicts right from the Alexander the Great to the Arab and Turkic conquerors that ravaged not only the countries but continents and dismantled borders of dozens of countries. “Again, from 16th to 19th century, the European barbarians occupied the two continents – America and Australia. They wiped out 100 million Red Indians in the Americas alone, created 40 new countries with new borders and new national identities. Similarly, over 200 million aborigines were killed in Australian continent,” he went on to say, especially mentioning the Christopher Columbus, who hanged, executed and butchered the Red Indians, male and female, and he and his barbarian gangs raped young girls.

Unfolding further the blood-stained annals of the history, Shaheen said, “The so-called civilized nations of Europe created over a dozen new empires during the 20th century conquering and enslaving majority population of the world. A single European Empire – Great Britain alone enslaved one fourth population of the world and subjugated over 60 countries.”

“Even today, the present British Queen – Elizabeth II inherits immense wealth, power and control over 32 countries, conquered by her forefathers. Such countries include England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica and many others. Her forefathers killed and forced to die of hunger, more people than Genghis and Tamerlane. They proved to be the greatest terrorists in human history.”

Yussouf Shaheen, author of book ‘Slave Nations under British Monarchs’, referring to his another book ‘Artificial Borders of the World’, said, “All the borders or territories of the American soil are artificial, carved out of the falling empires established by the European monarchs. Today, both the American continents are divided onto 60 countries and colonies – 35 are members of the United Nations and rest 25 are non-members being the colonies. The people there are European migrants but are identified as new nationalities on the basis of their settlements. Even the Colombia is named after Christopher Columbus, the butcher of Red Indians.”

Lamenting that the 5000 years of wars and armed conflicts have brought nothing but death, destruction and hunger, he said, “Still our borders and lives are not safe. We spend over US$1900 billion each year on so-called defense bringing the world to the verge of universal death. This can be judged from nuclear arsenals that can kill the entire humanity at any moment.”

“Today, the military institutions worldwide have hired services of around 40 million young and healthy sons to be murdered at any time in any adventure. The mothers are fade-up by receiving dead bodies of their sons,” said Yussouf Shaheen who has written letters to world leaders including US President Trump, Russian President Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Prime Minister of Australia Scott J. Morrison, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and others urging them to play role for ensuring global peace, as envisioned by ancient Indus people and save the lives of millions of human beings.

“Isn’t it a cruel joke with the humanity that we have high regards for the rulers, who were habitual assassins, having killed millions of people, are buried with full honor in mausoleums, in Churches and in the premises of mosques?” he questioned.

“It’s high time to reconsider and reshape the world for the betterment of humanity. Time has come that all the enslaved nations including that under the British Queen and of Americas should be liberated, and the nuclear arsenals dismantled so that the defense budgets could be diverted to the welfare of billions of poor masses,” he asserted arguing that current situation arising due to global pandemic has substantiated that trillions of dollars spent so far on defense have gone to waste.


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  1. We want our political leaders to learn from this of the great writers…why we people do not follow such writers who show us right way through history and and their intellect instead of falling pray to wrong religious beliefs…

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