Lockdown in UK: Violators to be fined, doubled if caught second time

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Police empowered to impose fine up to £60; super markets ban bulk-buying; citizens to get financial assistance and 3-month rent exemption

By Tahir Odhano


Viewing the increasing number of Covid-19 positive cases in the country, the UK government has announced strict action against law offenders with heavy fine from Friday on those who are not avoiding social distances and are socializing at parks, seaside areas and visiting families.

Police have been given powers to take action against lockdown rules’ violators by imposing fine up to £60,if anyone has been seen outside without providing solid reason, or could be fined double if caught second time, and the number increases each time of violation.

In the response to UK PM Boris Johnson’s call to lockdown in the country, all non-essential businesses had already been closed down in Newcastle Upon Tyne and other parts of the country.

Supermarkets in Newcastle Upon Tyne also put restrictions over bulk buying as no buyer could get more than two same products or maximum three cleaning products.

Earlier, UK Prime Minister had strictly asked in his national address that public must stay at home during the lockdown and no one should go out except for buying any essential food or medicine. He also warned that police had been given powers to stop anyone or disperse gatherings.

After the lockdown imposition in the country, majority of people were seen socializing, taking their kids to parks and seaside areas.

The public transport is still allowed to run on the roads in Newcastle for helping people who have been working in essential places like hospitals, medical stores and food places.

Whereas, the busiest streets including Northumberland Street, Newgate Street, China Town, blackett Street in main town center of Newcastle Upon Tyne had witnessed very low footfall and thin traffic on the roads in the city.

Supermarkets in Newcastle have put road markings outside and inside their business and assigned duties to security guards at the main entrances asking public to maintain social distancing and were allowing limited people to enter for shopping.

Supermarkets’ staff was not allowing any one to buy anything in bulk or same products more than two or three.

As per the latest figures till the filing of this report, the number of positive covid-19 cases has reached more than 11,600 and around 578 people have died of this pandemic in UK.

On the other hand, in the financial support of public, UK government has also announced to cover 80% of employees’ monthly wages.

A financial assistance would also been given to business and self-employed people in the country.

Public would also get three months break from paying rent to houses and personal property mortgages.

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