Mahnoor – An Emerging Artist Of Lyari

Art Interview

Let’s meet a 19-year old student of English literature at the Benazir Bhutto University Lyari Karachi, who has been inspiring the fellow students through her art work.

By Abdul Sattar Baakar

Lyari had been notorious because of the gang wars. With a very less check by the law enforcing agencies or may be due to their negligence and indulgence of political groups and parties, the crime rate in this area was at the peak a few years back. Lyari was an area where it was terrifying to move freely but despite such a situation this locality also had a brighter side – the Lyari had been the home to talented people who earned name and fame in the fields of art, literature, music and sports, and no doubt they made Pakistan in general and Sindh in particular to be proud of them.

There is a lot of potential in the people of Lyari to compete in any field of life, but they just need an opportunity. I met so many people in Lyari and everyone has an untold story and undiscovered talent with them. I wish they may get opportunities to showcase their talent and become an asset for the country.

Let’s meet here an emerging artist from Lyari – Mahnoor Ishaq, a 19-year old student of English literature at the Benazir Bhutto University Lyari Karachi, who has been inspiring the fellow students through her art work.

Art, whether in the form of sketching, painting, sculpturing art, or otherwise, can serve as a mean of expressing emotions, such as happiness or sadness. Actually art arises from hardships and becomes the source of message of peace and harmony to the world. Sometimes art contains the hope for hopeless and sometimes it becomes the voice of voiceless. Sometimes art speaks itself, as it contains hidden message to the people, but here the art is valued only by those who have some relationship with art.

According to Mahnoor she got formal art training from a studio for half a year, but later she left it because of her studies. Her art-teacher Abdul Wahid guided her a lot, and made her to learn how to use pen. “Before that I didn’t know how to use the pen. I paid attention to each stroke and tried recreating it and soon became quite good at art at the end.”

“I mainly focus on my studies but I practice art at every Saturday and Sunday normally. These lockdown days are beneficial for me to do art work. I spend hours at self-teaching and practicing to become one of the best,” she said.

In her view, art is the way of expressing feelings and imaginations. She believes that one can convey his or her thoughts, imaginations and feelings out of art. “It is the only skill by which we can express everything to the world”.

She said that art is her passion but is thinking why not to make it business.

Once I saw her standing lonely and silent in the corridor with shyness on her face. I didn’t suppose her a very pretty artist because she never showed off her talent, as people mostly do even when their talent equals zero.

She is an extraordinary passionate and talented individual, and being an artist she has keen observation of things around us. What she sees through her eyes, she expresses it through her art. She is a bibliophile and has a strong passion of reading books either history, politics, philosophy, literature or poetry. And for that reason it was obligatory for me to introduce her who is doing wonders in the pencil sketch, sculpture art, charcoal art, oil painting, water color painting, acrylic painting, calligraphy and etc.

Mahnoor’s message to the youth is: “Well! Those who are interested in art and they think that it is tough, do believe me it is not as hard as you think. If you keep on practicing and taking it seriously then you can be a good artist. No matter you are making perfect or not! Don’t think about that, just go on and do whatever you want; and remember – an artist never lives with fear and continues art without quitting because if you give up, you lose.”


Hailing from Mithi, district Tharparkar, the writer is student of BS English Literature at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Lyari Karachi, Sindh

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