Mother of assassinated son returns unheard from Sindh ministers’ Open Katchehry in Dadu

Human Rights

A disabled person attempts self-immolation and another job-seeker tore his documents

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu: A mother crying for justice to her assassinated son, had to return unheard from the so-called ‘Open Katchehry’ of provincial minister for culture and tourism Sardar Shah and Chief Minister’s Special Assistant on Human Rights Veerji Kolhi, held here on Saturday.

The Open Katchehry was held on the instructions of Chief Minister Murad Shah to redress public grievances, but the PPP ministers didn’t even listened to the poor woman who had come for justice in her son’s murder case, and she had to return with wet eyes.

MNA Rafique Ahmed Jamali, MPA Pir Mujeeb, DC Dadu Raja Shahzaman, SSP dadu Dr. Farrukh Razza were also present at Open Katchehry held in District Council Hall.

Soon as the Open Katchehry started, a woman Ms. Amna, wife of Muhammad Rodhani, resident of Village Molvi Meer Muhammad Rodrani, of Johi Taluka, wanted to talk to PPP ministers but they didn’t pay heed to her cries. Ms. Amna Rodrani alleged that her son Ibrahim was killed in Johi about three months back but police is not ready to arrest her son’s murderer. Woman told newsmen that she wanted to ask ministers for justice but no one heard her.

However, minister Sardar Shah rejected allegation saying he is unaware about the woman.

In another incident, when a disable person Sahib Khan Babar wanted to talk to the minister about his Job, and was denied of microphone, he sprinkled fuel on his body and wanted to commit suicide by self-immolation but a police constable saved him. Later, disable was brought to the minister by police where Sahib Khan alleged that Deputy Commissioner of Dadu and MNAs and MPAs had sold the disabled persons’ job quota and he has been denied any job.

Sardar Shah assured him that he will get the appointment order for a job under disabled quota.

In yet another incident, when a young man Abid Ali Charan was misbehaved by the persons assigned to control the Katchehry, he tore his documents saying that ‘Open Katchehry is meant only for PPP Comrades, as others are unheard like him.’

Abid Ali said that he demanded minister to give him a job of Naib Qasid (Peon) but he didn’t listen to him.

Meanwhile, some former employees of District Council Dadu told the minister Sardar Shah that Sindh High Court Circuit Bench Larkana had directed for reappointment of 284 employees of District Council in 2012 but the court orders have not been implemented.

Employees Mashooque Gopang, Javed Lund and others brought Holy Book to PPP ministers for their Jobs. Minister Sardar Shah and MNA Rafique Ahmed Jamali assured them that their matter would be resolved according to law.

During Open Katchehry an employee of irrigation department Khair Muhammad Pitafi complained that SDO irrigation Dadu had registered fake FIR against him. Minister called SDO but he didn’t come and the minister had to order deputy commissioner for suspending the SDO Lutfullah Buriro.

A resident of Sonhara Mohlla, Aftab Mastoi told minister that about fifteen minutes earlier his motorcycle was stolen by unknown thieves outside his house. He told minister that Police Station is without SHO since a week, which has worsened law and order situation in Dadu.

SSP told that SHO would be appointed within 24 hours and his motorcycle and thieves would be traced out.

Another citizen Muhammad Bux Mastoi told that owing to increased encroachment in Shahi Bazaar, Rai Bazar, Station Road and Katchehry Road people cannot even walk. He told that although Dadu District Court had ordered that old bus stand should be shifted to New Bus terminal at bypass but authorities had not implemented the order till today.

Sajid Mastoi said that owing to nonfunctional price control authority in Dadu, the prices of milk, vegetables and other commodities have shot up. Similarly, due to nonfunctioning of Road Transport Authority office, the transporters have increased the fares. He also demanded that driving license branch, which had been shifted to Hyderabad, should be established back in Dadu.

A land-owner, whose land has come under OPPL Oil and Gas Company demanded compensation, while policemen sacked from force demanded reinstatement and teachers demanded joining orders.


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