Multilingual artist Lalita Karamchandani says music is the best way to promote Sindhi language

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Agra-based singer has established ‘Royal Sindhi Ladies’ Club’ to organize cultural programs for teaching mother language to the children of Sindhi community

She started music career 25-years after her marriage and sings in Hindi and Punjabi also but being a poet also she herself writes and composes Sindhi songs since last five years

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It is said that music is the truly universal language, as it communicates to people regardless of their ability to comprehend the lyrics, and it has the ability to evoke a response in babies and animals alike. But a multilingual singer enthralls the audience and captivates them when he or she sings in their own language.

And we have Ms. Lalita Karamchandani, an emerging multilingual classical singer, based in Agra, India, who sings in Sindhi, Hindi and Punjabi languages. Although she doesn’t consider herself a professional singer, but had been acclaimed whenever and wherever she sang at cultural and community programs. “It’s a long way to become a professional singer. I have started learning music and performing just six years back in 2014, but definitely I would like to become a professional artist,” she told Sindh Courier on phone from Agra.

Hailing from a Sindhi family, Mrs. Lalita has inherited love for the music from her father and grandfather. “I am a science graduate, having done graduation in 1988 but the music is in my blood. My father Shri Tarachand Jethwani used to sing Master Chander and Sant Kanwar Ram’s songs but he passed away when I was just eight. My grandfather, known as Saajan Bhagat, also sang Bhajans. My brothers too used to sing, but they all were amateur singers. And like them, I too had been singing ghazals and other songs since childhood at home and family gatherings,” she told.

“You will be surprised to know that I took the music seriously after 25 years of marriage and started learning classical music from a lady music teacher Mrs. Induchak for two years and then at another music academy,” she said.

About her parents’ roots in Sindh, Ms. Lalita told that her grandfather belonged to a village near Bhorai in Nawabshah district while her mother’s parents hailed from Yaro village near Daulatpur. They had their own agricultural lands and houses in Sindh. After migration in 1947, they settled in a village near Bharatpur in Jodhpur where the government compensated them with lands and houses.

Ms. Lalita Karamchandani with her mother Shrimati Gomati Devi 

When asked, she said: “We always spoke Sindhi at home, but unfortunately the young generation speaks Hindi under the influence of the society. Unfortunately, most of the young people here don’t have strong connection to their culture and language.”

“Realizing that our mother tongue is under threat, I thought that the music is the only way to save and promote Sindhi language, and started singing Sindhi songs since last five years,” she said viewing that there is a link between music and language learning.

Talking about her hobbies, Lalita said she loves reading and writing, and further revealed that she also writes poetry and is author of a book, compilation of her poetry in Hindi titled ‘Lafzon Ke Farishte’. “For promoting Sindh language, I myself write and compose the songs to create awareness about our mother tongue. Recently, I have composed and recorded a song about Sindhi language,” she told.

Lalita Karamchandani admitted that at the young age, she had no realization of importance of mother tongue and the roots. “But now I have taken up this task like the crusade.”

“We Sindhi women settled in Agra have also established a ladies’ club – Royal Sindhi Ladies’ Club, with sole purpose of organizing community cultural programs and promoting Sindh language by teaching to the kids,” she said.

Lalita Karamchandani said she sings Bhanjan, geet and other songs in Sindhi, Hindi and Gurubani Punjabi and some CDs have also brought into market besides making the songs available on YouTube. “I want to sing in any language in any part of world, wherever got opportunity, as the music is a universal language, but at the same time would continue promoting Sindhi language through the music,” she said concluding, “We have roots in Sindh, and I am Sindhi by heart.”


(Interviewed by Nasir Aijaz) 

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  1. I am a gentleman about 53 years old , would like to learn Sindhi sings and speak sindhi proverbs
    And improve my sindhi vocabulary
    Also my writing skills , I am willing to pay for the lessons on Whatsapp , i want to learn deep devotional songs of Sindh

    1. Great to know. Samtani caste shows you are Sindhi. you are welcome. You may contact at whatsapp number +92 0333 3028977. No charges for teaching Sindhi.

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