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A place where the lovelorn find a home for their sentimental keepsakes


We all have different ways of dealing with the mementos left behind when a love is lost. Unable to let go, some of us hide the barrettes he gave us before he left town to “find himself” in a ornate box under the bed, while others burn photos taken of her before she was caught texting a “friend.” The most mundane items in the world suddenly represent everything that might have been.

Photos of building that houses Museum of Broken relations

When Croatian artists Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic separated, their reluctance to part with the sentimental reminders of their fizzled love inspired them to open the Museum of Broken Relationships, so that the items could remain together.

A number of people visit the museum

People from all over donate their reminders of heartbreak

At first glance, this concept may seem to contradict healthy healing, but the idea took off, and while the museum was on tour, people from all over began to donate their reminders of heartbreak.

The museum contains fascinating of former tokens of affection

Now the museum has a permanent home in Croatia, and contains a fascinating collection of former tokens of affection. Besides the anticipated teddy bears and letters, the collection also includes a few poignant and sometimes unsettling surprises – a tiny bottle filled with a woman’s tears, an axe and taser gun, and perhaps the strangest offering, a prosthetic leg.

The people left there even an axe and taser gun, and perhaps the strangest offering, a prosthetic leg

As melancholy of a subject as it may seem, the museum is quite popular – be it voyeurism, purification, or just the acknowledgment that the lonely feeling of heart sickness is universal, over 1,000 people a week visit the collection.

Due to this location’s intense success, a second Museum of Broken Relationships opened in Los Angeles in 2016. (Courtesy: Atlas Obscura)

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