Our Arms Are Our Wings To Fly

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A student shares her activities during the lockdown

By Sapna Chandio

What I have done during this COVID -19 lockdown and pandemic, so far?

This was a query, which knocked my mind to measure down my work undertaken to determinate my forthcoming tasks and expected milestones.

My selfhood showed me my scorecard that I have written down seven prose-pieces, of fiction, non-fiction and memoirs etc. My write-ups also included an amateur review of Shakespeare’s works and two more articles, one on schizophrenia (the disease) and the other one about the withdrawal of clozapine in schizophrenia, for the abstract of which, I was bestowed with the appreciation certificate from my own department of my alma-mater, i.e. Institute of pharmaceutical sciences (IPS), People’s University of medical and health sciences for women, Nawabshah.

During this time span, I also read two novels in Sindhi: (i) Akbar Spoomro’s ‘Shehehr Ji Ga’alh’ (i.e. “Tale of the town”) and ‘Rahji wayal manzar’ (i.e. “an immobile arena”) by Tariq Alam Abro. After reading ‘Shahr Ji Ga’alh’, I also wrote a review over it.

I also attended more than 25 sessions on various topics and was acknowledged with appreciation from multiple forums, including Asian Higher Education Institution of International students on attending their webinar, organized in collaboration with Indonesia Makassar. Other sessions included Aspirations, CEMS, MSQ Foundation, World Health Organization – WHO, Med Sparkles, Harvard School, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Mr. Doctevo, Rotaract Club Jamshoro, and Secure Hands Foundation etc. I’m also selected as ambassador in ‘SOLF’ #CopyingwithCorona recently.

I am thankful to God, who teaches us what we didn’t know. May almighty give strength and buoyancy in all our endeavours.


Miss Sapna Chandio is a pharmacy student at People’s University of Medical and Health Sciences for Women, Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah) and is a ‘Pharmacy Doctor in making’. She is fond of reading since 2012 and writing amateur blogs and write-ups since 2016.



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  1. I m very much inspired by sapna she is a rising star.I pray to God that may allah almighty fill her life with alot of happiness and sucess.Ameen
    Keep growing.lots of love❣

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