Parasram Zia – A legendary poet of Sindhi language


Parasram was born on July 11, 1911 at Tando Adam, Sindh

One of the legendary poets of Sindhi language Parsram Zia was born on 11th July 1911 at Tando Adam, Sindh. After partition, he shifted to Ulhasnagar, India.

He started writing poems at the age of 14 years. His first collection Gulzar Ranjor was published in 1936. His other published books include: Baug Bahar (Be Evergreen), poems for children – 1954; Alaap Zia (Verses of Zia); selected Geet, Ghazals etc.1958; Paigham-e-Zia (Message of Zia); selected Geet & Ghazals etc. 2000; Geet Briha Jaa (Songs of Separation).

He also translated several religious books in Sindhi poetry form.

He wrote lyrics for a number of Sindhi films including  ‘Abana’ (Parents), ‘Laadli’ (Beloved), ‘Jhulelal’ (God of Sindhis), ‘Insaaf Kithe Aahe’ (where is justice), ‘Kanwar Ram’ and ‘Rai Diyach’.

His more than 1000 songs have been recorded by various gramophone companies. These are sung by renowned singers Master Chander, Bhagvanti Navani, Mahesh Chander, Ram Panjwani and others.

He passed away on 28th October 1958. Here is one of his famous songs.

تون ياد ڪرين يا نه ڪرين ياد ڪريان ٿو، هاءِ ياد ڪريان ٿو

رنگ زرد اکيون آليون اٿم آھ لبن تي

مان تو لئه جدائيءَ ۾ فرياد ڪريان ٿو، هاءِ ياد ڪريان ٿو

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