Payal Rohatgi says ‘I have been politically victimized’


Bollywood actress, who has now been released on bail, was jailed for allegedly posting objectionable content on social media against Nehru-Gandhi family


Actress Payal Rohatgi has said she has been “politically victimized” a day after she was released on bail. The actor was arrested for allegedly posting objectionable content on social media against Nehru-Gandhi family.

Indian media report quoted Payal as telling her fans, “Thank you everybody for getting me out. I was very scared in jail, but now I am very happy. I have been politically victimized.” Recounting her stay at the Bundi jail, she further told the daily, “I spent a sleepless night and it was very cold. We slept on the floor on a mattress. It was my first experience in jail and I hope it to be the last,” she said.

Payal was stationed in the female general ward and said she had women inmates sharing their experiences with her. “I was very touched by their stories,” she added. Payal had also told, “It was very cold in jail. But inmates were good. They shared their stories with me.”

Payal was arrested after she failed to appear for hearings of a case filed against her in Rajasthan. The case was filed by Congress worker Charmesh Sharma. A case was filed against her under section 504, 505(2) of the IPC.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Mamta Gupta told, “Despite several notices sent to her, Rohatgi did not come to Bundi for interrogation. The notices were sent via email, posts and even a team was sent there to look for her. However, this time, police team found her and hence she was arrested.”

Defending Payal, her fiancée Sangram Singh has said, “Payal has represented everyone. From an aam aadmi (common man) to khaas aadmi. I feel zubaan sabke paas hai but himmat har kisi ke paas nahi (I feel everyone has voice but not everyone is courageous). I am proud of her that she showed the courage to talk about something which she strongly feels about. I used to stop her initially from making such videos, but then I realized that Payal is very strong headed and if she feels strongly about anything, she will definitely speak about it.”

Payal’s advocate Bhupendra Sahay Saxena presented a bail plea on Thursday and she was released on Tuesday on two bail bonds of Rs 25,000 each, public prosecutor Yogesh Yadav informed. (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

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