PDF slams PTI govt. for converting PMDC into PMC

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PDF - PMDCPeoples Doctors Forum warns govt. of challenging the Bill in court of law or taking to roads if it didn’t withdraw the disputed Bill   

Karachi: Dr. Karim Ahmed Khawaja, President Peoples Doctors Forum Pakistan, Dr. Khayam Hafeez President Punjab, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Shaikh President Sindh and Prof. Nisar Ahmed President KPK, have strongly condemned the PTI government for passing the Bill of Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC) converting into Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) which was already rejected by Senate.

On 16th September, 2020, Government has put this Bill as a Supplementary Bill and it was passed unilaterally by Government, when opposition was out of House.

Since 1956, PMDC has been working as regulatory authority and made proper recommendations to evaluate the Private and Public Sector institutions. Private Sector was unhappy with the Control of PMDC and changing this into PMC has created doubts of supporting Private Sector.

Peoples Doctors Forum has objected to granting the more powers to private Medical College and making them out of control under new PMC, the PDF leaders said in a statement on Thursday.

“This will also cause the low standard of Medical Profession,” they said adding that PMC is not recognized body while the PMDC is already famous and well recognized around the world.

Expressing concern, the PDF leaders said the young medical professionals will be more affected by this bill.

“Bill has been rejected by the Senate, which represents all the four Provinces equally. But the PTI government tabled the Bill in Joint Session of parliament undermining the Senate.”

Dr. Karim Khawaja and other PDF leaders slammed that Private Sector has been given edge in most of the matters despite their dwindling standards of medical education. “This will further decline the standard of education at private medical institutions.”

Drawing attention to the point 46 of the Bill, the PDF leaders said it relates to Indemnity, which is clear violation of basic human rights principles, as it is the right of individual to move the court of Law. “A summary Indemnity has been given to all cadres of the PMC, which is clear violation and is in direct conflict with the rule of law.”

Peoples Doctors Forum warned the government to withdraw the bill, or otherwise the Medical fraternity would challenge the bill in the Court of Law and they may also take to roads. (PR)


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