Philanthropists, youths help people affected by lockdown in Tharparkar


Youths were seen distributing ration bags at doorstep of deserving people in Mithi

Chelhar Town Committee launches sanitation and fumigation drive

Daily life activities, business remain suspended due to lockdown in desert towns

By GR Junejo

Mithi: All the daily life activities and business in Mithi and other towns of Tharparkar district remained suspended on Wednesday, the third day of province-wide lockdown declared by Sindh government as preventive measure against spread of coronavirus.

Most of the citizens confined themselves at the homes while the awareness drive launched by Dr. Manoj Malani, chairman, Municipal Committee Mithi continues on daily basis. The citizens are being advised to avoid gatherings and keep distance and better to remain at home.

The complaint cell setup at Malani House is also active where Sushil Malani receives the public complaints.

Meanwhile, different youth groups have started distributing ration among those who have been severely affected by the lockdown losing their source of livelihood.

One Deepak Sharma and some other youths of Mithi were seen distributing ration bags at the doorstep of the deserving people.

Some other philanthropists also distributed ration among the poor.

In Chelhar town, Pardeep Kumar Ojha, Chairman town committee, launched sanitation and fumigation drive to keep the town clean. Using the fire tender and town workers, mosques, temples, streets and roundabouts were washed with water.

Earlier, Mr. Ojha had distributed face masks and soaps among the citizens.

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