Role of Technology in Academic Achievements

Role of Technology in Academic Achievements

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Role of Technology in Academic AchievementsTechnology has improved and empowered what it has created as many techniques that advance the interest, continuous learning, retention, maintaining the improvement and concentration of students through which the students succeed in their academic achievements.

Public Opinion

Technology is one of the most popular terms in today’s era, as we know that our emerging world is becoming highly enriched with technology. Fundamentally, technology is the scientifically investigated, analyzed, experienced, applied and implemented collection of skills, techniques, procedures, methods and processes carried out or tested in order to meet the needs in international market through scientific knowledge, goods and services.

The use of technology is continuously encouraged and preferred day by day as the peoples are widely depending on it. There are numerous amounts of new technologies, which are developing the tools and techniques to support and push up the learning process. In 90’s there was the traditional educational or teaching methods and that was pretty much good but not as better like today’s teaching methods. While these technologies are not totally removing traditional teaching methods and techniques, they are adding up something new to those traditional teaching methods.

In order to do this, Technology has improved and empowered what it has created as many techniques that advance the interest, continuous learning, retention, maintaining the improvement and concentration of students through which the students succeed in their academic achievements.

Basically, Technology has made the students what they are, what they can do, how they can do, why they can do it and what they are going to do.  Technological improvement has made the student capable of learning with full of efficiency and effectiveness. Now days, classrooms, supervisors, instructors, teachers and students are fully equipped with technology like computer hardware (laptops, PC/desktop), computer software (Microsoft office word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access), MATLAB, Photoshop, SPSS, Electronic devices (Smartphones, Tablets, iPad) as well the Internet (Websites, blogs, tutorials, course management systems). Instructors/teachers are also looking for new thoughtful plans to make classrooms technological friendly.

Technology activates the students towards learning something, and not only learning something but make them curious to learn. As academic achievement is highly concerned with how and how much we have learned in our academic career and due to much more learning through technologies, off course, we will be rewarded by academic achievement. And the upmost important factor that pushes up the usage of technology in educational system is the Internet. Internet adds up the meaning of learning accordingly.

The leading and ever fastest trend in the system of education is E-learning, which has been working as the supporting and at some extent alternative factor to traditional learning.  Technology has made it possible to come up with not only knowledge that contain words but also made it possible that come up with visual aids, images, pictures, charts, shapes, smart arts, audio and video clips to make it more understandable and easier to the student.

The students have given high level of preference to E-learning because most of the students clear and study their academic task and topics from websites (Articles, Blogs, Research Papers, Pdfs, Slide Shares, and Images) and YouTube tutorials and many more. Basically, the E-Learning shifted the students at upper lever from their earlier existing level. And it is pretty much good.

One of the concentration-catching factors which is developed, supported, improved, and enhanced by the technology is the research. Research is one of the most important factors in academics. It is such a big academic achievement that technology is continuously helping for the big academic achievement. Technology enables students to become a good researcher, and as we all know that the research is one of the big academic achievements for students as well as for the educational institute where we are studying. It’s not only the achievement of students but the achievement of the country as well. Because of research, the researchers find the way to solve the problems using new tactics and in order to use those tactics, they come up with the new tools, creativity, innovation as well as inventions and these things play vital role in the development of the country along with technology’s development. Due to research, the Technology has made students capable to find the gap in their academics and filling out those gaps in a better manner. Students have been becoming more liberal, task-oriented, thoughtful, skillful and clever by the help and support of Technology.

Technology is playing such a crucial role in decreasing the ratio of unemployment, as due to it, lots of skilled and educated peoples become capable of to cope with their household expenses. Furthermore, Technology has supplied the number of skills. While, through traditional teaching methods and techniques someone cannot acquire the skills as much as they need. Through those skills, which are supplied by technology to the people, they are hired by organizations and those organizations are paying handsome salary to them. How much it is appreciable that technology is providing us great skills. Now a days, topmost important way or source of acquisition of knowledge and earning with friendly environment within an organization is only the Technology.

Masroor Ali

BBA Student at SBBU, SBA, Sindh

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