Sindh faces worst gas crisis-o

Sindh Faces Worst Gas Crisis Due To Short Supply


Sindh faces worst gas crisis-oThe province produces 2200 MMCFD gas but is being supplied 900 to 1000 MMCFD against its requirement of 1700 MMCFD

Sindh Minister Nasir Shah blames Fed Govt. for violating Article 158 of the Constitution

Karachi: The federal government has been constantly violating Article 158 of the Constitution by depriving Sindh of natural gas supplies.

“Sindh produces 68 percent of Pakistan’s total gas, but today gas is scarce in the province,” Sindh Information and Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Shah said in a statement issued on Friday.

Nasir Shah said that Sindh brings 2200 MMCFD gas into the national mainstream and needs 1700 MMCFD gas for its own consumption but gets only 900 to 1000 MMFDC gas.

Minister said that the federation was not meeting the demands of Sindh, due to which the gas crisis in the entire province is getting worst.

“The federal government is deliberately not giving Sindh the right to its legitimate gas resources,” he said adding “We want to tell the federation that the citizens of Sindh do not want expensive LNG. Supply us our own natural gas because under the Article 158 of the Constitution, the province has the first right to its natural resources. If the province’s needs are met, the rest of the gas can be given to other provinces.” (PR)




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