Sindh Today: Transporters jeopardize life of passengers traveling between Naukot-Diplo


A view of coaster with passengers sitting at the top and stuffed inside like animals at Naukot-Diplo route (Photo by Mushahid Nohrio)  

By Asad Junejo

Naukot: The life of passengers travelling between Naukot and Diplo is at stake, as they have to commute between two towns sitting atop and inside the coasters and buses stuffed along with overloaded with sacks of sugar, wheat flour, rice, fodder, iron bars and the wood sticks.

Despite protest by the passengers, the transporters use to load the goods first inside the coaches while order the passengers to sit atop. In such a situation, the mishaps have become order of the day.

The passengers told the local newsmen that they are compelled to travel like the animals and all the way they use to pray for safely arriving at their destination because the Naukot-Diplo road too is in a dilapidated condition, and it takes at least four hours to cover the distance of an hour.

It may be mentioned that the Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar has imposed ban on loading goods in passenger coaches, but the transporters continue flouting the orders for their greed.

The passengers demanded of the Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar to make the transporters bound to abide by the government orders and avoid transporting goods in passenger buses.




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