Sindh Wants Quality Education


Volunteers and Education Activist launch a social media campaign

By GR Junejo

Mithi: Volunteers and Education Activist ran a social media campaign “Sindh Wants Quality Education” on Wednesday 06th July 2020. The campaign became the top trend on twitter demanding quality education from the government of Sindh.

The purpose of the campaign was to raise the voice and demand quality education for underprivileged children of Sindh. The campaign highlighted that about 2.4 million children have missed the formal education for one reason or another but mostly due to lack of resources.

The education-activists said that school-going children are about 10 million, out of which about half are registered in government schools while the rest in various trust and private schools. Quality education is imparted to some 10 percent of them or one million students. The rest are just carrying paper degrees with little or no knowledge. Unfortunately, less than half out of this one million get a chance to go to a good school with proper teachers, furniture and facilities.

The combined spending is about Rs.100 billion. Although all this is paid by local taxpayers, the result and quality, in return of this Rs.100 billion, is not up to the mark in most government schools. Clearly, the Sindh government needs to bring great improvement in this very important department if it honestly wishes to win back its voters.

Ejaz Jan, Vinod Sharma, Bharat Naghol, Sunder Kothari and others said that the people of Sindh want quality education and the statistics of the education department itself testify the state of education in Sindh. The current education minister Saeed Ghani needs to pay attention on this and the former Education Minister Syed Sardar Shah’s announcements and efforts to formulate education policy should be taken forward and practical steps should be taken.

When contacted, Pratab Shivani, head of Thar Education Alliance, said that practical steps are needed for quality education in Sindh. According to the count, Tharparkar district in Sindh is at the last position in the provincial rankings and at the national level at 128. The situation is not good at Sujawal, Badin, Umerkot, Karachi, Korangi, and other districts. The campaign is being launched to draw the attention of the education department, and the Sindh government to meet the needs of schools, including the shortage of teachers for quality education. Special attention should be paid to science and mathematics education.

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