Six cops jailed for 7-years in unlawful confinement case


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The convicts were caught red-handed with a villager in their illegal custody at PS Raju Dero, district Dadu

By Allah Bux Khushik

The Court of 3rd Additional Session Judge Dadu – Shafi Muhammad Pirzado Friday handed 7-year sentence to six policemen including three Assistant Sub Inspectors (ASIs) for wrongful and illegal confinement of villager Asif Ali Lashari for three days and torturing him for not paying Rs.300,000 as bribe.

Ghulam Shabbir Lashari, resident of village Raju Dero, relative of Asif Ali Lashari had filed application in the court of district and session Dadu alleging that Raju Dero police officials raided at their house without authority with official weapons, dragged Asif Ali and took him into their custody and kept him in wrongful and illegal confinement at Khairpur Nathan Shah CIA police station and Raju Dero and tortured him for not paying bribe of Rs.300,000.

On receiving the application, and following the directives of session judge, the Raid Commissioner raided at Police Station Raju Dero and found Asif Ali in illegal confinement of police and submitted such report to Sessions Judge. A FIR was also lodged against ASI Sajjad Ali Chandio who had also charge of SHO Raju Dero Police Station, ASI Asif Ali Meerani, ASI Qurban Ali Baladi, three police constables Adil Chandio, Kandero Chandio and Ayaz Hussain Kolachi. The case was then transferred to Additional Sessions Judge Shafi Muhammad Pirzado.

After testifying witnesses in case, Judge Shafi Muhammad Pirzado handed sentence of 7-years to six cops including above names three ASIs and three police constables under section 343 PPC for misusing powers , 220 PPC for taking one in wrongful and illegal confinement.

Later, accused were sent in tighten security to central Jail Hyderabad.

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