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Abdul Qadir Junejo, a great man and amazing artist who dedicated his life to literature and anthropology, laid to rest at ancestral village Janhan near Naukot

By GR Junejo

Mithi: Renowned playwright Abdul Qadir Junejo, 75, who passed away on Monday March 30, 2020, at a hospital in Hyderabad after protracted illness, was laid to rest at his ancestral village Janhan Junejo near Naukot, district Tharparkar on Tuesday morning.

His family members, a number of relatives, friends and fans attended his funeral and with heavy hearts said farewell to a great man and an amazing artist who dedicated his life to literature and anthropology, and left for peaceful journey into his real life. His body rests peacefully in the same land where he originated from, The Region of Thar, Sindh.

Born on November 01, 1945, Abdul Qadir Junejo was among the leading playwrights in South Asia region. His excellence encompassed social as well as anthropological issues. He wrote to rewrite history and brought to life the forgotten values. Hailing from a village Janhan at the brink of desert Thar, he seldom missed to point out the prevailing harsh realities affecting the day to day living of ordinary people.

He had been honored with the prestigious awards for creative writers including President’s Pride of Performance for 1989 and 2008, the PTV award for the best Script Writer four times in 1983, 1985, 1989 and decade’s best writer (1988-1998). Sindh government also honored him with Latif Award in 2016. He also received several awards from local organizations. Radio Pakistan too honored him with Golden Jubilee Award in 1999.

Junejo was not only known for an impeccable command on story and column-writing at large but was an incredibly talented drama writer of his time as well.

His notable works were published in English, Urdu, and Sindhi languages and he wrote dramas and serials that aired on PTV and other commercial channels. He gained popularity in South Asia through various works, such as Parenda, Dewareen, Choti Si Dunya, and Dhool. His other plays like ‘Karwan’, ‘Dukh Sukh’ and ‘Thori Khushi, Thora Gham’ and Sindhi serial ‘Rani Ji Kahani’ were also among very popular serials.

Abdul Qadir Junejo wrote 16 Sindhi dramas and seven Sindhi drama serials while in Urdu he wrote six dramas and 15 serials that were aired not only across the country, but some of his drama serials were aired internationally with English subtitles. His Urdu drama serial ‘Deewarain’ was aired by BBC’s Channel-4 while ‘Seerhyan’ serial was aired in 13 countries including USA and Canada and ‘Parenda’ was aired in Canada. He also wrote 22 Sindhi dramas and two Urdu dramas for Radio Pakistan.

He authored 13 books including English novels ‘The Dead River’ and ‘Rustics’. His works included short stories, translations, columns, articles and compilation of letters. A German anthropologist did his Ph. D on Abdul Qadir Junejo’s play ‘Chhoti Si Duniya’ at a university in Berlin.

Abdul Qadir Junejo, who did B.A. B. Ed and Masters in Sociology, started working as a primary schoolteacher in 1962 and went to teach in secondary school in 1972. He was then appointed director of the Institute of Sindhiology at the University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

He also remained the chairperson of Sindhi Language Authority at the provincial government’s Culture Tourism and Antiquities Department from 2005 to 2008. He was settled in Jamshoro after the retirement.

Asad Junejo contributes photos of funeral prayer of Late Abdul Qadir Junejo. Meanwhile, people are visiting to offer condolence to his son Naseer Junejo and nephews Abdul Rehman Junejo and Amanullah Junejo.









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