Mythology of Parkar: Story of Hothal fairy and Jam Odho

The story is a moving love story reflecting commitment with people and motherland. It also describes the different areas and people. Mr. Mangharam Ojha has attributed this story to Bhodesar pond and Karoonjhar Mountain. However, the story revolves around Parkar, Gujrat and Kachh, a cultural and commercial triangle of the subcontinent. By Noor Ahmed Janjhi […]

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Mythology of Parkar….Story of Sadwant and Saringa

This is the story of love between Sadwant and Saringa, but it reflects topography, history, commerce and social interaction of the time. It is the story of moving love and commitment. By Noor Ahmed Janjhi Parkar, being a hub of trade and commerce, has remained center of culture and literature. Its topography, social fabric and […]

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