Human life cycle

The Life Cycle

Poetry Corner

Human life cycle

Poetry Corner

Iqra Hussain


Let’s start what’s life..??

Life is a journey opening of eyes in this world,

Blessing by God,

And happiness for family,

Many steps to go on,

Step by step to move on,

Sometimes with mom sometime with dad,

And then mingling in between relatives,

Playing with sand,

Fun with toys,

Movies with cartoon channels

Day by day,

As we grow,

Then heavy school bags,

Breakfast with parathas and eggs,

Nursery to K.G

And then,

K.G to 123…,

Further on

Moving on..,

Then hot summer and cold winter,

Waiting for June July,

To have fun with family,

Trips, picnics,

Plans and clashes of selfies are on,

456 go on,

School has started on


Peeep.., peeep..,

Of rickshaw driver is on..,

We are

Running for things to carry on..,,

7, 8..,,

Being too fat,

Eating fast foods..,

Pizza, patties, samosa, pakora,

Giggles with friends,

Its eid milan party or..,

School functions

Dance, party,

So music is on..,


Board is on..,

Ratafication*, coaching centers are on..,

Heavy days and then exams are on..,

Lights are on,

And we are alone..,

Eye balls had expended…,

Health had gone..,

After 12,

Entry is on..,

And mind has gone…,

No fun no movies, no parties,

Everything is off…,

Entry tests..,


When got in,

In the fields,

Then again everything is on

Parties, functions,


Hojamalo** and many things..,

Canteen tea’s friends tease..,

Pizza.., zinger..,

Cold drinks and shakes..,

Get together and cutting of cakes..,

It is life and everything is on,

It is little memories of life journey..,

To share with u..!!

{*Ratafication – corruption word used for cramming. ** Hojamalo – folk Sindhi song. And 1 to 12 are described as the education standards from primary to graduation}


Iqra Hussain is 4th year Pharm D student of Peoples Medical University Nawabshah SBA Sindh

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