The suicidal SELF



A thought can change the events to unfold; it can certainly change the course of life.

Orbindu Ganga

The tacit turn taciturn within carrying an enormous volume of events in the amygdala to wet. A thought can change the events to unfold; it can certainly change the course of life. When so many traces are deep within, getting accumulating, affecting the belief system, the aura plummets. It is indeed a matter of great concern that such a possible accumulation of traces become an onus for the form to carry for a lifetime. When such traces get accumulated, it is always waiting for the one last trigger to set it free. When that last trigger ensues, even though the last one is an insignificantly smaller one, the form takes the final call, leaving the soul free.

The drive to let the soul free becomes the only solution for the form. The significance of the form and the soul become inapposite. The thought process for such a form is to let everything free. The solace that the form gets in letting the beautiful soul free is cumbersome to be worded. With the traces getting accumulated within, the thought process to think becomes stale. It is this phase of the life where the form is prepared to take an inevitable decision. One of the most significant aspects of such a decision depends on how the form has reacted in inimical situations. To have parents who treat their children like a good friend would be a pertinent observation for many to follow. Equally important is the circle of people being around to share the thoughts at the nadir phase of life.

It is indeed heartening to read such a piece where the thought process is beautifully penned. Touching many aspects of suicide and giving broader perspectives is highly commendable.


Orbindu Ganga is a renowned author from Kerala, and is based in Chennai, India. These are observations for an article ‘A Psychoanalytic approach to understand the ‘Why’ of suicide’ penned by Dr. Farah Naqvi, published by Sindh Courier on July 14, 2020.

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