Women stage demo in Karachi against TV channel - Sindh Courier

Women stage protest demo in Karachi against media

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Women stage demo in Karachi against TV channel - Sindh CourierProtesters urge media to stop spewing venom against women

Karachi: Home-Based Women Workers Federation (HBWWF) organized a demonstration on Friday in front of Karachi Press Club against anti-women remarks of a so-called writer in a program of a private TV channel and growing tendencies of discrimination against women in society. The demonstrators demanded to stop spewing venom against women.

The demonstration, led by the central leader of HBWWF Saira Feroze Khuhro, was participated by leaders and workers of women, political, social and workers’ parties and organizations. Carrying banners and placards they chanted slogans in favor of women rights.

Addressing the demo participants, the speakers said the outdated feudal and tribal customs and traditions have engulfed the society, with the result women, children, transgender, minorities and other vulnerable sections of society are facing exploitation. Anti-women and reactionary thoughts and customs are slapped on society under the patronage of state. The women, children, girls and transgender are not safe in streets, neighborhoods, education institutions, offices, workplaces, seminaries and even in their own homes.

The speakers said the media, especially the electronic media, is spreading and broadcasting the content including news items, advertisements and dramas that are creating a mindset against women. This is why a five-year old girl, a lonely female traveler, a woman working in house and even a corpse of woman in the grave is not safe from sexual assaults.

“When the women are organizing against this mindset and raising their voice, an anti-human and anti-women mindset is making poisonous propaganda against them. These elements are not only involved in the mudslinging against women but also are a threat to their life”.

Women stage demo in Karachi against TV channel - Sindh Courier-0The demo participants demanded that anti-women content on media, especially electronic media, should be banned. The elements who want to make women a second class citizen should be dealt with strictly. Vigilance committee of women should be made for all walks of life, especially electronic media, educational institutions and workplaces. Sexual assaults on women and their harassment, and propaganda against them should be declared as a cognizable crime. All anti-women content should be expunged from textbooks. Discriminatory laws against women should be repealed. Gender-based difference in salaries and wages should be ended. All types of harassment should be ended. Patriarchic federal society system giving birth to anti-women thinking should also be ended.

The demo was attended by Zehra Khan general secretary HBWWF, Asad Iqbal Butt of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, Nasir Mansoor general secretary National Trade Union Federation (NTUF), Sajida Kausar of HBWWF Sanghar, Jamila Abdul Latif of Home based Women Bangle Workers Union, Khaliq Dadran of Shehri Awami Mahaz, Khizir Qazi human rights activist, Zahida Mukhtar of United HB Garments Workers Union, Saeed Baloch of Fisherfolk Forum, Himat Ali of Sindh Sujag Mazdoor Federation, Abdul Rehman Baloch of Shehri Awami Mahaz, Sajjad Zaheer of Progressive writer Association, Aqib Hussain of Young Naujuwan Mazdoor Committee and others.


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