World Literature - Bouquet of Drabbles from Uzbekistan

World Literature: Bouquet of Drabbles from Uzbekistan

World Literature

World Literature - Bouquet of Drabbles from UzbekistanWorld Literature: Bouquet of Drabbles from Uzbekistan


Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova

 ‘Valuable’ Advice

-I have fallen in love my friend… and I came to you to get some advice.

The problem is she is married. I am in full thought!

-If she loves you as well, I want both of you to be together, life is given only once! – I said instantly.

-But her husband is…

-Her husband will get over it. What is the use of living with an unloved person? – I persisted. – My advice – make her happy that is it!

Soon after this conversation, my wife suddenly left me.


-Let’s sleep my dear – saying that, mother was about to turn the light off.

-Mom! Don’t turn the light off, please! I am scared of the darkness! –said blind son.

The Choice

At sixteen: If only I had a handsome boyfriend!

At twenty: If only I had a smart boyfriend!

At twenty-five: If only I had a rich boyfriend!

At thirty: If only I had someone…

Boys nowadays

I was young. I used to believe in Santa Claus and his gifts. Getting older, I found it very hard to believe that it was a myth. I didn’t want to believe. Then one day I told my 4-year-old son:

-If you stay nice, Santa will bring gifts for you!

He said:

-Mom, Santa is a mythical figure, are you a child?

Eternal truth

First, mother glides her child in a cradle.

Then, child shifts his mother’s coffin.

This is the bitter and eternal truth of life.

Homeland and love

They met on the internet. After three years of endless writings, they finally understood that they cannot live without each other. But unfortunately they were from different nationalities living in different countries.

-I cannot leave my home and my land – said the girl, – if you want us to be happy forever, come here! Here we are going to live happily ever after…

The guy immediately agreed. When they met face to face…

-I cannot marry you, – the girl told the guy, who was sitting on his knees towards her, – I wonder if I am able to live with a person who can easily leave his homeland and family? Just go back, and never leave your soil that brought you up.


They were 18 years old when they fell in love with each other. Hidden meetings, letters and madly missing each other… all of them making their hearts sob. Nobody was aware of their secretive love. Finally, the girl was engaged to someone else. The guy could not do anything, after her wedding he got married as well.

After twenty years, their eyes met each other again. But the feelings in those eyes were different.

‘How come I loved her, look at her face, full of wrinkles…’

‘Why I wanted to choose him? Look at his belly fat!’

They turned away. And you want to say that there is no love in this world?

Yes, they never had a love. If they had it, maybe they would try to fight for their love… even a little bit…


-I want to be a great writer! He told her wife and children – “Do not bother me while I am writing.”

He worked hard whole days and nights. He did not see his daughter who was watching him; he did not hug his son who was waiting for him. He wrote all his love expressions that he could not say to her wife. He portrayed all his kindness and love towards his family in his all books!

He became a well-known. His creative works were published in millions of copies. He was covered with fame and popularity.

-Enough with writing, – he said himself, – I got aged…

Having said that, he looked around …..

There was no one, except a pile of his books surrounding him…


He used books in different ways. He used it for firing the oven. Wrapped and put some nuts while working. Used as a weapon against flies. Made an airplane model for his children; cleaned windows. Even used in toilets…

But never read it even once.


When he reached a high position, He appeared in front of him. He kept saying ‘you are the best’ and even massaged him while sitting in the chair. He raised his glasses during events expressing toady toasts in honor of him.

When he lost his authority, He was never found; even his name was not memorable. Except his voice which could be heard from his ex-room! He was praising his new director…


– I want a virgin and decent girl to get married!  He said to his aunts. They easily found one, who was also looking for a decent man.

So they went for first dating.

–  You?! – Both shocked looking at each other.

Boring guy

– Please marry me, – said guy, revealing his long-hidden passions.

–  You are very boring, – she immediately responded. Flowers fell to the ground.

The girl married to the guy which she wanted. Her husband was never boring, as he is always doing something interesting whenever he is free: going out with friends, playing his phone, talking with other girls, surfing on the net, chatting with online friends. She was very bored sitting alone…


Guy: ‘All is done! This is the end of our story, your feelings are fake, and to be honest, I am happy that we are separated! Do not bother replying my message, please!’

Girl: ‘I am not stupid to reply your SMS! I also do not want to know you. Do not bother with even reading my message!’

Guy: ‘I did not even read it? Even did not open it, immediately deleted it!’

After 40 years…

– That was the expensive bowl! – Mom shouted at her three-year-old son. – What have you done, little bastard?

Little boy bowed his head, after breaking the bowl while running carelessly.

–  You will get your punishment as soon as your dad arrives! – said the mom.

Boy went to his room as he began crying.

Long time has passed.

–  Oh my God! – Shouted daughter-in-law, – why don’t you move carefully? That was an expensive bowl given by my dad!

Old woman whispered with embarrassment:

–  That was suddenly, I was trying to get my crutch…

–  I will speak with your son about you! I am fed up with your craziness!

Old woman went to her room with tears on her eyes…


– You never present flowers…- sadly smiled wife.

–  How come? I presented in our wedding! – responded husband in a funny way.

–  It was ten years ago…

–  Don’t worry. I will give you lots of flowers. Life is ahead…

But, everyday passing the flower shop, husband used to think: “I will buy flowers one day for sure!”

…Finally he fulfilled his promise to his wife. He bought flowers and put it to the grave of his wife.

New dad

Boy became a poor orphan after his dad had died. His mother, with grief, married another man. The boy was feared from a ‘new’ dad in the beginning. His friends told him that stepfathers used to be bad usually. He ran away when ‘new’ dad tried to hug him. He ran into the basement and started to cry remembering his real dad.

– Why are you crying? – New dad him after finding him.

–  I am missing my dad…

–  I also miss my dad, – ‘new’ dad slightly hugged him, – I have also cried when my dad passed away – I still long for him.

–  You also don’t have dad? – Boy wonderingly asked him

–  Yes… I am also lonely like you, son. Will you be my friend? – ‘new’ dad proposed with little tears in his eyes.

–  Yes, I will… – boy took his ‘new’ friend’s hands.

After that, friends used to sleep together every day.

Vision of child

– Mom, look at this, I drew a picture of kitten! – Little daughter welcomed her parents which just came from work.

–  Wow, how lovely it is! It looks very real. Now try another animal!

Girl began drawing again.

Husband looked at his wife, wondering:

–  It is not kitten, is it? It is just mixture of scribbles…

–  Look at this picture with my daughter’s vision. It is showing a lovely small kitten…

At orphanage

– Is my mom going to come today? – Little boy repeated his usual question to the mentor.

–  Today your mom is a little bit ill. As soon as she gets well, she will come to you for sure, honey.

– And my dad? Is he coming as well? – Little girl joined the conversation.

– Your dad could not get permission from his work. He will visit you as soon as he finishes his work, darling.

Mentor was thinking how to answer the children’s question tomorrow…

A decision

“Tomorrow I will go to see my mother!”

He thinks everyday…


– Why do you always make mistakes in your life? When are you going to live without faults?

– Sorry… I won’t do them in my next life. This is my first life…


He never harms others – Always smiles. Not interested in earning money or authority – Accepts life’s challenges with his smile on his face. Never mourns for God, instead always thanks for him…

Others just simple call him the “idiot”…


– Brother… I really need your help. Your nephews are ill; my husband has finished everything off with drinking… Could you lend some money? – mourning voice heard on the other side of the phone.

–  Please my sister, you know that my salary is hardly enough for my family… you should understand my condition, – sighed brother. Then repeating that he was busy turned the phone off.

–  What do you think about this gold bracelet? – Woman next to him began fawning. – will you buy it for me?

–  Why not! Buy anything you wish, I am generous today!

Painful response

– Whom do you want to be when you become older? Pilot? Constructor? Businessman?

Son replied instantly:

–  I will become a busy man, dad. And I am gonna tell my children that I am very busy and not to disturb me!


– Why all my daughters are unhappy? – Father was mourning every day.

But, he was not able to remember all women he cheated on them.


– I promise you, I will not drink alcohol anymore! My real and last promise! – Husband told her wife, vibrating his body.

Wife trusted his thousandth promise again…

Happiest moment

– What was your happiest moment in your life?

–  It was nine months until my birth. I was living happily under my mom’s heart…


“Daddy, please come sooner! My mom has become sick waiting for you. If only you visit us for one day, my mom will not be sick anymore. Just one day… your son.”

Writing this, boy used to make an ‘airplane’ from this letter and scatter from the window. He believed that it would reach to his father…


Guy was handicapped. He fell in love with a girl with no disabilities. Unfortunately he cannot reach her… But one day miracle happened. Magician appeared in front of him and said:

– You will get your love, my son. Wish whatever you want!

Magician was waiting that guy would wish to get his disadvantage treated. But those words came out from his mouth:

–  I wish the girl I love to be handicapped…


– If you don’t accept my marriage proposal, I am going to commit suicide! – guy told her straight away.

Girl was frightened of becoming the cause of his death, and she agreed to marry her.

– If you leave me, I will kill myself! – He said to her wife. Thinking about consequences of broken family after divorce, she again agreed to stay with irresponsible husband.

Those ‘ifs’ increased rapidly. ‘If you leave me… if you become upset… if you judge me… if you question me… if you don’t give money… I will kill myself’.

She died just before her fifties. Finally she left her husband, getting rid of all sufferings and sadness.

He did not kill himself. Could not… He lived a long time.


– Your poem about mothers has won our grand awards! Congratulations, – said reporter to a poet.

– Many thanks! – Gratefully replied poet.

Watching this, tears came to his mother’s eyes with pride and joy. His son finally became a respected poet! Then all lights of retirement home have turned off. Mother went to her bed.


– I ask my wife to have abortion. Four children are enough for now. We are having economic troubles – said son to his mother.

– Interesting… long time ago, why your dad did not ask me the same thing? Maybe we could have become very rich without you?

Son was shocked…


 About the author

Nodirabegim Ibrokhimova UzbekistanNodirabegim Ibrokhimova was born in Fergana region, Uzbekistan on July 18th 1989. She has studied International Journalism at University of Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan during 2007-2011. Her major areas of expertise include writing books, short stories, narratives and articles, as well as translation of world literature books.  E-mail: [email protected]


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