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Basseraa – Goa’s women-run Sindhi restaurant

Mother-daughter pair Poonam and Jaya Tulsiani had a humble beginning of business making ‘home-cooked Sindhi meals’ for a girl’s only…

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A Sindhi Breakfast

I wonder why it’s so difficult to find a Sindhi cookbook in the United States By Pooja Makhijani On and…

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3-Day Bohra Food Festival ends with message of peace and love

Next year we will organize the festival with more refined arrangements – organizers Karachi The three-day Bohra food festival ended…

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First ever Bohra Food Festival organized in Karachi

The specialty of the festival is ‘Bohra Thaal’, which contains 8 dishes and is served to one family to eat…

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As Himalayan Glaciers Melt, a Water Crisis Looms in South Asia

The melting could have far-reaching consequences for flood risk and for water security for a billion people who rely on…

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Chef Sapna Ajwani Explores Sindhi Cuisine at Her London Supper Club

Eating Sindhi food is a travel in time itself. Some of its ingredients date back to the time when civilization…

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Mumbai’s Bhagat Tarachand: An edge to the veg

The restaurant is named after a kind and generous man Bhagat Tarachand who loved to feed people, and earned the…

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A Karachi-born Jew shows fondness for Biryani

Many Karachi-born Jews speak the Urdu language with clarity because they had received their education in Karachi during 50s and…

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Unsafe food particularly affects the most vulnerable groups: pregnant women, children under five, elderly and people with compromised immune systems.…

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A healthy diet is a key to a healthy life

June 7 marks World Food Security Day. This day plays a significant role in emphasizing the importance and need for…

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